Young designer Harikrishnan impresses with a collection of blow-up pants of disproportionate proportions

Have you ever imagined wearing pants that inflate to disproportionate proportions? Well, that’s exactly what young designer Harikrishnan has brought to life with his extraordinary collection of blow-up pants. These eye-catching garments are not only stylish but also push the boundaries of fashion.

A Playful and Unique Concept

The inflatable pants are crafted from 30 sheets of plain white stretch latex, combined with brick red and mint green stripes for added flair. The design hugs the waist, stretches from the hip down, and tapers at the hem or ankle. What makes these pants truly special is the small button attached to the hem, shaped like an air balloon. By pumping out the air, an inflated effect is created.

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Harikrishnan drew inspiration from a whimsical moment spent playing with his dog. He realized that objects appeared amusing from a low perspective, and this sparked the idea for his collection. Visualizing the world from a similar vantage point proved fascinating, and he decided to translate this concept into his designs.

Multidimensional Perspectives

To bring his vision to life, Harikrishnan approached every aspect of the collection from a multidimensional perspective. From the intricate cuts to the carefully chosen textures and colors, the attention to detail is remarkable. The elasticity and shine of latex make it an ideal fabric for the pants, accentuating their unique and elastic effect.


Not only did Harikrishnan design the inflatable pants, but he also paired them with fitted vests for overall harmony. Additionally, he introduced a tank top woven with small hand-cut wooden beads. To perfect this aspect, he spent a month living in an artisan village in Channapatna, India, where he received detailed instructions from village artisans on wood cutting and color painting.

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Breaking Perceptions and Showcasing Contrast

Harikrishnan’s collection is a testament to the contrast of reality, view, material, and approach. He expertly combines channapatna wood with latex, materials often associated with different purposes. By integrating them into high-end fashion, he challenges preconceived notions and brings a fresh perspective to the industry.


Defying the norm, Harikrishnan’s fashion collection stands out with its unconventional materials and proportions. Amidst a sea of familiar designs, he aims to reshape people’s perception of what is considered proportional. The collection was presented at the prestigious MA20 fashion show, alongside 19 other collections, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the London College of Fashion Design’s fashion department.



Harikrishnan’s collection stands alone in its use of latex among other young designers at the London College of Fashion Design. While designers like Fredrik Tjærandsen experiment with inflatable balloons and San Kim explores the Frust theory, Harikrishnan dares to innovate with unusual materials. This daring creativity sets him apart as a true trailblazer in the fashion world.


With his avant-garde collection, Harikrishnan has made a lasting impression. By creating unique garments and challenging traditional norms, he has proven that fashion knows no bounds. So, if you’re looking to make a bold statement and break free from the ordinary, Harikrishnan’s blow-up pants collection offers an extraordinary avenue of self-expression.

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