The Growing Trend of Stylists in the Fashion Industry

If you’ve noticed a surge of interest in the profession of a stylist, you’re not alone. In recent years, the role of a Stylist has garnered significant attention, particularly among young individuals. As society continues to develop, the demand for entertainment and personal care has skyrocketed, with fashion playing a crucial role in these domains. No longer confined to the realm of celebrities and performers, the need to dress well has become a universal desire across all age groups and occupations. Consequently, the Stylist profession has taken center stage, providing the public with accessible and understandable insights into fashion and trends.

The Inseparable Bond Between Fashion and Stylists

Fashion and Stylists are intertwined, each shaping and influencing the other. Fashion gives birth to the profession of a Stylist, while Stylists bridge the gap between individuals and the world of fashion. Unfortunately, due to its association with beauty and sophistication, the Stylist profession often receives an undeserved association with flamboyance and frivolity.

Leslie Fremar topped the list of the 25 most powerful stylists of 2013 on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter

Unveiling the Role of a Stylist

Initially, Stylists were primarily tasked with offering advice on the attire of stars during public appearances or media engagements. However, their responsibilities expanded over time, encompassing script creation, directing photo shoots, and performances. Nowadays, not only celebrities, but also corporations, magazines, and media agencies are in search of Stylists to help establish their own unique image to attract customers and outshine competitors. Renowned Stylists such as Rachel Zoe have left an indelible mark by shaping the style of famous singers and actors, including Kate Hudson, The Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and many more, thus exerting significant influence on their young admirers.

The Hidden Power Behind a Star: The Stylist

The impact of fashion on an artist’s success cannot be overstated. For example, Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscars appearance in 2013 became a topic of extensive discussion, sparked by her breathtaking Dior dress. This incident thrust her into the spotlight, overshadowing her acting achievements. This incident serves as a testament to fashion’s ability to dominate the entertainment industry.

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Jennifer Lawrence dazzled in a Dior designer dress at the Oscars ceremony

The Ultimate Goal of Stylists: Generating Positive Attention

A Stylist’s primary objective is to ensure their clients receive positive media coverage. However, sometimes, attention can be a double-edged sword. A Stylist constantly faces the challenge of creating bold and captivating looks for their clients without risking fashion disasters. Unfortunately, even with the best intentions, not all attention garnered is positive. Many stars fall victim to negative publicity due to unfortunate fashion choices. In such scenarios, the Stylist bears the brunt of the criticism, often losing their job before they can even step foot on the red carpet.

Miley Cyrus is one of the stars who was gently reminded by the press to "please look closely in the mirror before going out" because her outfits were not age-appropriate and too revealing.

A Friend and an Expert: The Multi-Faceted Role of a Stylist

Apart from their professional responsibilities, a Stylist must also establish a close friendship with their clients, understanding every detail of their physique. Leslie Fremar, the Stylist behind Charlize Theron’s impeccable looks, is a testament to this. Backstage photographs often capture Fremar meticulously examining and adjusting every aspect of the actress’s outfit. Charlize affirms, “Leslie understands my body well. I have broad shoulders and a waist, so she usually opts for elegant and classic options. Leslie actively avoids anything cumbersome or complicated. The white off-the-shoulder Dior peplum dress she chose for me at the 2013 Oscars was truly a masterpiece.” Likewise, Jessica Alba praises Brad Goreski, stating, “Brad excels at his job. I slip into his creations and confidently stride the red carpet with ease.”

Charlize Theron stood out at the Dior Oscar ceremony chosen by stylist Leslie Fremar

Stylists as Trendsetters and Gatekeepers

Stylists not only enhance the appearance of their clients but also forge invaluable connections with the world’s top designers and capture the latest fashion trends. They have the power to combine A-list stars with high-end brands, creating a harmonious union that captivates audiences worldwide.

To succeed as a Stylist, one must possess a refined sense of aesthetics, boundless creativity, and an unwavering passion for fashion and art. Additionally, teamwork skills, coordination abilities, and the capacity to work effectively with models, makeup artists, photographers, and lighting technicians are crucial. Furthermore, establishing a rapport with stars and understanding their unique personas is vital for a Stylist’s success.

The Constant Quest for Inspiration and Originality

Given the ever-evolving nature of the fashion industry, Stylists must absorb inspiration from diverse sources such as fashion weeks, magazines, movies, and everyday life. While it is essential to be influenced and inspired by others, Stylists must strike a delicate balance between drawing inspiration and avoiding plagiarism. Originality is of paramount importance in the fashion world.

The Rise of Stylists in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the Stylist profession primarily revolves around fashion and photography. Few Stylists possess the capacity to stage and direct significant artistic performances.

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Noteworthy Vietnamese Stylists include Thanh Truc (Vietnamese French), Henri Hubert, and J. Sarah, who have produced captivating fashion photography featured in magazines such as Dep, Fashion, and Family Marketing.

Generally, Vietnamese Stylists hail from artistic, fashion, and fine arts backgrounds, often transitioning to this profession after working in event organization or related fields. Pioneering Vietnamese Stylists include Tu Phuong Thao, Van Thanh Cong, Viet Hung, as well as younger talents like Vuong Khang, stylist at Saigon Entertainment World and Singers Company, Huynh Minh Thuy (Thuy Top), stylist for singer Dang Khoi’s album, and Nguyen Thuy Linh (Linhzo), stylist for the Vietnamese student newspaper and family marketing. These individuals found their calling as Stylists after initially pursuing passions for fashion, singing, or painting.

While the profession of a Stylist is relatively young in Vietnam, Vietnamese Stylists continually learn and improve, often drawing inspiration from international trends.

The Promising Future of Stylists

Stylists, armed with education, refined aesthetic sensibilities, and unwavering dedication to their craft, deserve substantial financial compensation. Typically, income for fashion consultants is calculated per season or on a daily basis. In 2009, the Times sparked astonishment with an article highlighting the burgeoning profession of Stylists, stating, “It’s a dream job when you can earn $1,000 simply by pointing out which shoes match a bag or suggesting a hairstyle.” Today, it comes as no surprise that the daily fee for a Stylist can reach $10,000 (over 200 million VND). Esteemed celebrities often pay up to $15,000 per day for a Stylist’s services. Typically, a Stylist juggles between four and five clients simultaneously. According to the Washington Post, with numerous high-profile events occurring each year in Hollywood, Stylists earn incomes akin to those of their clients. Despite their indispensable contributions, Stylists often remain anonymous, while their clients bask in the limelight.

A flourishing career awaits Stylists

In Vietnam’s rapidly expanding entertainment and media industry, the demand for Stylists is insatiable. Singers, music performances, fashion photo shoots, and magazines all require the expertise of Stylists. The future looks bright for aspiring young Stylists, whose monthly earnings currently range from 7 to 10 million VND, depending on the nature and volume of assignments.

A Stylist’s role commands respect and has far-reaching implications. Their presence ensures the success of films and performances. With a Stylist on board, the work of photographers and makeup artists becomes more seamless. Makeup artists focus solely on perfecting makeup, while photographers can concentrate on capturing beautiful angles and lighting. Meanwhile, Stylists are responsible for curating poses, costumes, and props that align with the intended vision. Driven by boundless creativity and fresh ideas, contemporary Stylists have rightfully emerged as trendsetters, making the profession an irresistible choice for aspiring fashion enthusiasts.

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