Have you ever felt like you were thrown into an unexpected situation at work? Well, that’s what happened to me one morning when I received a note from my boss. It said, “V, we’ll see the boss at the printing shop this morning.” Little did I know, this was just the beginning of a challenging experience that would test my skills as a designer.

Embracing Unexpected Challenges

As a designer, I’ve always believed that I can do just about anything. So, when my boss asked me to handle graphic design tasks, I didn’t hesitate to accept the challenge. You see, every four months, my company runs promotions that require me to step into the shoes of a graphic artist. While it wasn’t the first time, this particular project took an unexpected turn.

A Misunderstood Task

My boss called me and instructed me to print brochures, posters, and redesign the logo for the company’s website. In my mind, I was puzzled. I knew how to edit photos and enhance colors, but graphic design was not my forte. I assumed my boss made a mistake and actually wanted me to decorate the showroom’s interior. Reluctantly, I kept my confusion to myself, fearing the reality I might face if I asked for clarification.

Taking a Leap of Faith

With a heavy heart, I dedicated myself to creating a 3D model of the showroom. Two days later, my boss sent an email instructing me to submit the finished product for his approval. Panic set in as I realized I had no idea how to design a brand identity. I was on the verge of giving up and writing a resignation letter when a ray of hope appeared.

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A Friend in Need

In my moment of despair, I reached out to a graphic design partner from my school. Thankfully, he came to my rescue, offering guidance over the phone. He showed me the ropes and advised me on the necessary improvements. Renewed with determination, I deleted my resignation letter and plunged back into work. Together, we burned the midnight oil, ensuring every aspect of the brand identity was up to par.

Triumph Amidst the Chaos

After two and a half grueling days, I finally completed the brand identity, encompassing a logo, business card, letterhead, sign, flyer, and envelope. With a mix of relief and nervousness, I presented my work to the boss. To my surprise, he deemed it satisfactory and immediately instructed the printer to proceed. The last hurdle was coordinating with the printer, which required multiple trips to the shop. It was a challenging ordeal, but in the end, everything fell into place.

Lessons Learned

This experience taught me invaluable lessons. When life presents unexpected challenges, we must face them head-on. If we have the opportunity to learn something new, we should seize it with open arms. Even though I was not a professional graphic designer, I expanded my skills and knowledge to meet the demands of my job. I discovered the joy of tackling diverse projects and developed a newfound passion for graphic design.

Embrace Challenges with Confidence

So, whether you’re a seasoned designer or just starting your journey, remember that growth often comes through adversity. Don’t shy away from new tasks or doubt your capabilities. Like oak trees growing stronger in contrary winds and diamonds being formed under pressure, challenges mold us into better versions of ourselves.

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P.S: As we yearn for a life without hardship, let’s remember that oak trees grow strong against the wind and diamonds are formed under pressure. – Peter Marshall

(This article is by Cu U, born in 1991, and currently an employee at Beautiful Vung Tau Architecture firm. She is an alumna of Dong Nai College of Decorative Arts and enjoys photography, cinema, food, and traveling.)