Ways to add personality to a contemporary kitchen

Good news for minimalists: This clean and beautifully designed kitchen clearly shows off the small display that still makes the space feel alive.

To achieve neatness and at the same time give a pleasant and cozy feeling, pay attention to consistency: the containers are stacked on the table; a set of three barriers on a window sill or shelf; several neatly framed posters; and the books are placed in a clean, dedicated space.

Soft and Neutral Colors

Soft and neutral colors

Gray is a great option to reflect the outside world, especially if your kitchen faces the patio. But that’s not the whole story of what gives this kitchen a cheery feel.

Matte colors are basically almost chalky, you will feel them through touch. This color is the opposite of cool colors, the range of colors can look harsh and create a cold effect.

Classic Feel

Classic feel

Mixing the old with the new is the right “honest try” tactic, and this kitchen proves it. Glass pendant lights detract from unique shine. The bright red vintage-style food processor, together with the classic salt and pepper mill, give the kitchen island an unmistakable personality.

On the wall shelves, a vintage scale, a vintage tin, and a “coffee” sign are interesting touches. All of this combined, along with the brick wall, nearby fireplace, and mini gallery above, create a kitchen you’ll be happy to linger in.

Bring the Outside World

Bring the outside world

There’s a lot going on in this modern kitchen to help make it more welcoming. Houseplants make the backyard feel like it’s stretched in, and with different heights, they soften the strong, hard lines of the design. The wooden furniture also recreates a bit the color of the wood in the garden, and obviously, wood is almost always a texture that brings warmth.

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Pendant lights are key to softening the lines, and the color of the light combined with the old frames and paintings that hang above the oven is a simple idea that always adds character.

Kitchen with a view of green foliage

Of course, glazing isn’t the only way to connect your kitchen to the outdoors. Not every kitchen will be as modernized as the photo above, so take a moment to enjoy this kitchen with a view of green foliage.

The design of this space is elegant and modern. The framing effect of the black framed windows and the raised wood used for the cabinet fronts is a powerful combination that allows nature to soften the edges of this functional space.

Combination of Open Shelves

Combination of open shelves

If you don’t need or want traditional wall cabinets, you can also have open wall cabinet spaces. This is a great opportunity to add style and warmth to an elegant kitchen.

Talk to your designer about how and where you can mount some open shelving in the kitchen. The designer will likely ask you how neat you are before making any decisions. Honesty is very important. If you’re not particularly tidy, smaller open storage can be a permanent showcase for things you rarely use that might work better for you.

Play Big with Wood

Play big with wood

The materials you choose are just as important as the layout in your new kitchen setup, especially if you choose to hide everything behind cabinets.

Be clear with your designer if you want to display as little furniture as possible, and discuss materials early on. Your designer may suggest incorporating wood as a way to expand doors and drawers.

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Here, natural wood has been heavily used to clad the entire wall, creating an enclosed wall for storing and placing appliances.

Outstanding Features

Outstanding features

A truly elegant design is often one that knows where things are not allowed, and this wonderful antique bedroom shows that approach.

Rather than try to organize, store furniture between or under the windows, or clutter everywhere, the designer of this kitchen unleashed these original features by keeping the opposite wall uncovered. Traditional radiators look neat and still shine. Old or outdated-looking items are helpful in getting rid of new angular gaps.

Hardwood floors and under-cabinet lighting are other highlights that soften the vibrant whites of the rest of the room.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles

A strong mix of patterns or colors can often add character to a modern kitchen. Bricks can be a handy way to do this; you can create an instant featured feature.

That being said, tiling is a pretty big business and unique tiles can be a worthwhile investment, so call your architect or designer for advice on what might work and why. They are likely to suggest the right, and not always obvious, color to tie this area in with the rest of the kitchen and make the floor tiles stand out.

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