Understand Bag

Introducing the revolutionary “Understand” bag – a true marvel of environmentally conscious design. This bag, aptly named “Take Care of This,” is more than just your typical paper bag. It was inspired by the simple idea that hangers are always elusive when you need them. With two removable cardboard hooks cleverly integrated into the design, users can conveniently hang their newly purchased clothes. Not only does this bag promote sustainability and the use of paper over plastic, but it also encourages consumers to replace traditional hangers with this innovative alternative.

Going Green Through “Take Care of This”

The “Take Care of This” bag is crafted from recycled paper and cardboard, making it an eco-friendly choice. By separating the two cardboard hangers from the bag, you instantly have a hanger for your new outfit. At an exhibition, this ingenious design garnered positive comments such as “sustainable design,” “intelligent design,” and “ingenious design.” The bag’s versatility and commitment to sustainability truly impressed all who encountered it.


Watch the video showcasing the brilliance of this innovative bag!

Meet the Creative Mind Behind “Take Care of This”

We had the pleasure of speaking with the mastermind behind this remarkable creation, who was also the recipient of the prestigious Platinum Award in the packaging design category at the 2010 A’ Design Award. The visionary designer, born in Athens, Greece, established a successful industrial design team called DEDE Dextrous Design alongside their husband.

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The Philosophy of Design

When asked about their design philosophy, they emphasized the importance of understanding the purpose behind every creation. Design, to them, is about delving deep into the reasons for a product’s existence and finding innovative solutions.

This Side Table
This Side Table – another exceptional design by the same creative mind

Exploring Unconventional Alternatives

Their design process revolves around exploring unconventional alternatives and avoiding mundane solutions. By approaching design with a serious yet profound perspective, they strive to uncover new ideas and perspectives.

The Joy of Creation

For these designers, the thrill of artistic expression is closely tied to their work. They feel immensely fortunate to be able to understand the world through design, conveying their meanings and beliefs in the process.

A Designer’s Responsibility

When it comes to the role of design in society and the environment, they firmly believe that all designs should incorporate green practices. They view design and sustainable principles as inseparable, advocating for the integration of economic, social, and sustainable aspects into every design endeavor.

Humor as a Design Language

Interestingly, humor plays a significant role in their design approach. By infusing their creations with intuitive humor, they establish strong connections between the product and its users. The universal nature of humor allows them to explore abstract concepts and create products that resonate with various cultural backgrounds.

Skills that Define a Designer

In their opinion, a designer must possess keen observation skills, genuine empathy for people, and a constant thirst for creativity. By immersing themselves in the world and paying attention to even the smallest details, designers can truly excel.

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As proud media partners of Caravansarai, we celebrate and admire the exceptional work of “Take Care of This” designer. Their commitment to sustainable and innovative design is commendable and serves as an inspiration to designers everywhere.

With the “Understand” bag, fashion meets sustainability in a remarkable fusion of creativity and responsibility. Let us all follow the path of green design and champion a brighter future for our planet.