During the next year, our kitchens will receive increased attention due to the home quarantine. Utilizing this time apart, a kitchen remodel can greatly improve our lifestyle.

Embracing Minimalism

Kitchen design trends for 2021 revolve around adding light and reducing clutter. “Daytrip Studio” exemplifies this with their minimalist kitchen project in London. They have successfully transformed the Powerscroft Road house in East London. Previously, the house had dark corners, 1970s wallpaper, and a dank basement with low ceilings. Daytrip Studio changed the space by incorporating white walls, white pine wood furniture, and even painted the taps white. The dark basement was converted into a larger extension to the kitchen, providing more light and space. Embrace the power of simplicity by thinking white for your kitchen in 2021, and witness how a solid color can transform the entire space.

Trends in kitchen design 2021

The Rise of Super Small Kitchens

In the era of quarantine, people are seeking ways to make their kitchens more efficient. Even small, unused spaces in the home can be transformed into functional kitchens. Designer Francesca Perani has successfully converted the porch of an Italian villa into a 25 square meter micro-apartment with a kitchenette. This design is extremely convenient and practical for insulation. Named “Urban Cabin,” the project was completed in just 6 months and is currently occupied by a couple living there temporarily during quarantine.

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Trends in kitchen design 2021

Surface Textures: Innovation in Design

Perani’s mini kitchen introduces a new trend where motifs are digitally designed and printed on the floor and countertops. When it comes to choosing materials for floors and countertops, Perani opted for durable, graphic materials at a low cost. The porcelain marble tiles used in the kitchen were created by ceramic design studio 41zero42 using high-definition printing. These tiles are featured in their latest ceramic collection called “Supreme.”

Trends in kitchen design 2021

Eco-friendly and Recycled Materials

In line with the growing desire to reduce costs and help save the earth, more people are choosing to use recycled materials in their kitchen construction. Recycled brick, oriented board (OSB), and reclaimed wood are reasonably priced and suitable for use. Perani used OSB wall panels in his kitchen design, while Witlof, his design firm, used plywood paneling in their project. Some manufacturers are even using eco-friendly alternatives, such as Mosa, which creates kitchen floors and brick walls made from second-hand, unused ceramic. Cosentio manufactures stoves using 50% recycled materials, including mirrors, glass, and dust.

Trends in kitchen design 2021

Material and Color Inspiration from Nature

A color palette inspired by nature, featuring stone, moss, and wood, will be a prominent trend in 2021. Studio From Works has embraced this trend and designed a 20sqm kitchen for a home, featuring moss stone as the chosen color. Named the Southgrove Road project, this kitchen combines blue plywood cabinets with gray countertops made from fossilized limestone.

Trends in kitchen design 2021

Incorporating Biodiversity Design

From moss-covered walls to overgrown tabletops and plants hanging from lamps, incorporating nature into the kitchen is becoming increasingly popular. Biophilic design is a trend we can expect to see more of in the coming year, especially as more people continue to work from home. Architect Austin Maynard has consistently applied biophilic design in his projects, such as Newry House, where they built an indoor conservatory. This design allows natural light to penetrate the glass ceiling into the kitchen space below, surrounded by shrubs and trees.

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Trends in kitchen design 2021

Compact Spaces for Flexibility

GoCStudio has built a dark plywood kitchen that can be downsized to create space for a Seattle photo studio. This innovative design showcases a future trend: kitchens that can be hidden or transformed, providing more space for other activities within the house. Such designs are particularly suitable for photography or painting studios where flexible space is required.

Trends in kitchen design 2021

To stay up to date with the latest trends in kitchen design, follow Caravansarai on their website. Improve your lifestyle and make your kitchen the heart of your home by incorporating these exciting trends in 2021.