Are you ready to witness the creative potential of Dong Thap province? Look no further as Caravansarai brings you the exciting and unique Tourist Souvenirs and Gifts Design Contest. This remarkable event aims to discover exceptional designs that showcase the bold and distinctive features of Dong Thap. Not only that, but it also presents a golden opportunity to develop and promote tourism for all. So, let’s delve into this thrilling contest and explore the beauty of Dong Thap through art and design!

Showcasing Dong Thap’s Creativity and Tourism

Dong Thap province is renowned for its diverse range of tourist attractions, and this contest serves as a platform to enhance its promotion. The objective is to create local souvenirs and tourist gifts that captivate the hearts of both national and international tourists. By diversifying and enriching the souvenir and gift options in Dong Thap, this contest aims to stimulate consumption in tourism and attract more visitors to this mesmerizing destination.

Tourist Souvenirs and Gifts Design Contest in Dong Thap Province

Unleashing Creative Freedom

This contest serves as a catalyst for creativity and design prowess among individuals from various backgrounds. Whether you’re a staff member, an official, a public employee, a student, or simply an artistic soul, this is your chance to shine. The souvenir products and gifts should be beautiful, creative, and reflect the historical and cultural essence of Dong Thap. In addition, they must adhere to the quality requirements set by the province to ensure their value as tourist souvenirs and gifts.

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Tram Chim National Park - a famous tourist destination in Dong Thap

Guidelines and Criteria

To be eligible for the contest, submitted products must demonstrate artistic creativity and represent the essence of Dong Thap. Traditional craft materials from the province should be encouraged in their creation. These souvenirs and gifts should embody the rich history and cultural heritage of Dong Thap in a way that distinguishes them from products from other regions. Environmentally friendly materials, designs, and colors that align with the tastes and needs of tourists are highly valued. Additionally, the products must meet packaging, transportation, preservation, and safety requirements. For instance, flower pots or decorative pots should bear the words “Sa Dec or Dong Thap Flower Village.”

Gao Giong Melaleuca Forest

How to Participate

To participate in this exciting contest, submit your creations to the Directorate of Tourism at the Department of Culture and Sports in Dong Thap province. The address for submission is 03 Pham Huu Lau, District 4, City. Cao Lanh, Dong Thap province. For further assistance, contact the provided phone numbers.

Deadline: 11/30/2016

Xeo Quyt Relic Site - Dong Thap

Awards and Recognition

The Tourist Souvenirs and Gifts Design Contest in Dong Thap Province brings forth exciting prizes to reward your incredible talent and hard work. The awards include:

  • 1st Prize: VND 20,000,000
  • 2nd Prizes (2): VND 15,000,000 each
  • 3rd Prizes (3): VND 10,000,000 each
  • Consolation Prizes (4): VND 5,000,000 each

Additionally, there are special awards worth VND 2,000,000 each, including the Dong Thap Product with Cultural Characteristics Award, the Award for products with high creativity and aesthetics, and the Prize for products with artistic value.

To find out more about this incredible opportunity, visit the Contest to design products for tourist souvenirs and gifts in Dong Thap province.

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Are you ready to leave your mark on Dong Thap’s tourism landscape? Join the Tourist Souvenirs and Gifts Design Contest today and showcase your artistic brilliance. Let’s celebrate the unique beauty of Dong Thap through the power of design!