Những địa điểm du lịch gần Sài Gòn được nhiều bạn trẻ lựa chọn

Traveling has become a quintessential way for many people to unwind and have fun. And when it comes to planning a trip, we all strive for convenience and enjoyment. To ensure you have the best experience, we’ve curated a list of tourist places near Saigon that are sure to captivate your senses.

Why Carrying Identification Is Essential While Traveling

On any trip, you’re bound to spend money on food and various activities. Pre-booking tickets and accommodations is common, but there are still expenses to consider during your stay. That’s why carrying money is essential. If you’re traveling abroad, it’s crucial to exchange currency beforehand.

Besides money, identification documents are necessary for transportation activities such as airport check-in, hotel registration, and vehicle rentals. These documents also come in handy if any legal issues arise. So, make sure you carry your ID to avoid any inconveniences along the way.

Tourist destinations near Saigon

Why Electronics Are Must-Haves on Your Travel Checklist

When it comes to technology items like phones, backup battery chargers, music players, and cameras, no traveler can do without them. These gadgets are your trusty companions throughout your journey. They not only help you stay connected but also provide entertainment and allow you to capture precious memories with stunning photographs.

Tourist Attractions Near Ho Chi Minh City: A Haven for Young Travelers

Tourist Village of Tre Viet

Nestled in a sprawling 45,000m² area surrounded by rivers and towering coconut palms, the Bamboo Village is the epitome of a cool, tranquil, and rustic southern countryside. It offers a plethora of exciting recreational activities such as water biking, basket boating, kayaking, and swimming. Moreover, the Tre Viet tourist area boasts a restaurant serving delicious Vietnamese cuisine, including a delightful buffet every Saturday and Sunday.

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What is there to discover at Nhon Trach Viet Nhon Bamboo Village Resort? What is attractive?

A small reminder: Tre Viet does not allow outside food and drinks. With a distance of less than 20km, easily covered by taxi, van, or private vehicle, this tourist spot is increasingly popular among young people. It’s also an ideal location for picnics and outdoor events. Just make sure to contact the management in advance to reserve these services.

Buu Long Tourist Area

Situated in the heart of Bien Hoa City, merely a 30-minute drive from Ho Chi Minh City, Buu Long offers a breathtaking natural landscape reminiscent of a miniature version of Ha Long Bay. The artfully arranged rocky mountains surrounding an artificial lake create a mesmerizing sight. The area is also home to several famous attractions, including Turtle Tower – Sword Lake, Bali Heaven Gate, and the Japanese Temple.

Buu Long is a favorite haunt for young people, with numerous picturesque spots for photography enthusiasts, such as the Love Bridge, sunflower field, Lan Island, and Hang Pagoda. Additionally, the indoor and outdoor entertainment area is a hit among children. It’s no wonder Buu Long remains one of the most sought-after tourist places near Saigon.

Cao Minh Tourist Area

Though located around 40 km from Saigon, the Cao Minh tourist area is a top choice among travelers. Being a European countryside getaway, it offers respite from the urban hustle and bustle. With picturesque landscapes and meticulous construction, the area provides ample space for outdoor games like rowing, zip-line skating, and various other recreational activities. It’s an ideal destination for both unwinding and team-building exercises.

Review in detail the tourist area of ​​Cao Minh Dong Nai

Dai Nam Tourist Area

The Dai Nam tourist area, also known as Lac Canh Dai Nam Van Hien, is an amusement park near Saigon that deserves a spot on your travel itinerary. Spanning over 711 hectares, it has garnered several impressive records in our country. From Kim Dien Temple, with its 24K gold-plated Buddha statues, to the largest artificial sea in Vietnam accommodating 30,000 guests, this place has it all. The park boasts over 40 rides, including thrilling attractions like tornadoes, waterfalls, and roller coasters. Unveil the mysteries of the pyramids, explore the Magic Castle, or brave the 18 floors of hell. To make the most of your visit, consider booking accommodation in Saigon in advance.

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Tan Lap Floating Village

Despite its distance of almost 100 km, the floating village of Tan Lap remains a popular choice among young travelers looking for weekend getaways. In the past, this place was a year-round wetland area where people built their houses on high mounds to stay above water. That’s how it earned the name “floating village.” Today, approximately 135 hectares are dedicated to tourism and recreation.

GO WEST VISIT TAN LAP Floating Village - LONG AN - Puolotrip Travel

Explore this resort area by speedboat, immersing yourself in the vast, untouched wilderness of the West. Or take a walk along the winding stone path through the Melaleuca primeval forest, leading to a 100-foot-tall observation tower that offers a panoramic view. The unique floating road here was even featured in singer Hoang Thuy Linh’s “Banh Troi Nuoc” music video.


Thank you for joining us on this tour of the tourist places near Saigon. We hope the information shared here will help you overcome any difficulties and doubts you may have. We wish you nothing but success in all your future endeavors.

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