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Seeking to transform the project while maintaining harmony and adherence to management regulations, the investors faced initial challenges. They wanted a modern, innovative building that possessed both uniqueness and a soft contrast, while still meeting general norms.

Redefining Architectural Form


The architectural form of TL House, crafted by Nghia-Architect, revolves around sleek lines. The building’s façade features windows adorned with reinforced concrete panels acting as direct sunshades. Through meticulous design, these panels ensure the thinness and detail of the carefully studied holes, filtering the sunlight from the west side. Consequently, the project not only avoids direct sunlight but also creates captivating sun scenes within its spaces.

Fostering Comfort and Connectivity


A key consideration in TL House was to cater to the needs of the elderly residing there. As the primary focus of natural energy consumption, the living space was designed to revolve around their activities. Ensuring visibility and constant communication between family members and the elderly woman, the kitchen acts as the heart of the house. Additionally, the first floor houses a bedroom for the elderly parents, providing convenience and ease. The basement, accommodating housemaids, was designed to receive direct sunlight and maintain a strong connection with the rest of the house. The elevator shaft was modified to bring ample natural light into the basement, ensuring a comfortable and well-connected living environment.

Striking a Balance


With a focus on maintaining privacy and minimizing the impact on neighbors, the façade and large windows of TL House create a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality. To protect the windows and enhance the overall design, a system of steel awnings envelops the main windows on both floors. These awnings fold down from the façade, doubling up as platforms for hanging plants. The house is adorned with a green curtain, cascading from the second story and attached to the “headband” covering the bent steel eaves. The interior space boasts an open floor plan, connected with a youthful and impressive blue staircase. The design strikes a perfect balance between a basic, sufficient layout and the need for a touch of extravagance.

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Amidst the hustle and bustle of modern living, TL House provides a sanctuary of timeless design and contemporary elegance. With its careful attention to detail, this architectural marvel seamlessly integrates functionality and aesthetics, creating a space that is both visually enticing and inherently livable.

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