The design of the "armor" against the corona virus comes from Sun Dayong

The design of the armor against the corona virus comes

Are you frequently exposed to environments where the risk of a coronavirus infection is high? Architect and co-founder of Penda architecture firm, Mr. Sun Dayong, has come up with a groundbreaking solution. Presenting the “Be a Bat Man” suit – a remarkable armor designed to protect individuals in high-risk situations. Let’s dive into the details of this ingenious creation.

A Bat-Inspired Design that Works

The design of the armor against the corona virus comes

Crafted using lightweight carbon fiber, the “Be a Bat Man” suit resembles the wings of a bat. Its innovative design incorporates two internal straps, functioning as a convenient backpack. Additionally, a PVC film covers the outer shell, mirroring the membrane of a bat’s wing. But that’s not all.

Temperature-Based Virus Elimination

The design of the armor against the corona virus comes

To create a sterile environment inside the suit, heat-generating cables are attached to the plastic layer. These cables reach the optimal temperature of 56 degrees Celsius, effectively eliminating the coronavirus. It’s similar to how a car windshield clears snow using heat wires. However, further collaboration with engineers is essential to address any pending issues.

Funding for a Safer Future

The design of the armor against the corona virus comes

Mr. Sun Dayong aspires to bring this game-changing design to life. He is actively seeking funding to make it accessible and affordable for everyone, without asking for any design costs. With financial support, this armor could become a reality, revolutionizing safety in high-risk environments.

Beyond Protection: A “Mobile Private Space”

The design of the armor against the corona virus comes

The visionary architect envisions elevating the “Be a Bat Man” suit further. By integrating Google Glass, these suits can transform into “mobile private spaces.” Imagine having a personalized sanctuary wherever you go, shielding you not only from viruses but also providing solitude amidst bustling environments.

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Unveiling the Superhero Connection

The design of the armor against the corona virus comes

The “Be a Batman” project draws inspiration from the superhero himself, symbolizing the ability to transcend human limitations. It also establishes a connection to bats, known as the source of the Covid-19 virus. Bats, being natural reservoirs for various viruses, have evolved remarkable self-repair mechanisms, allowing them to survive without falling ill.

The Mystery of Transmission and Origins

While the exact transmission mechanism from bats to humans remains elusive, it is widely accepted that these creatures serve as natural hosts for coronaviruses. However, conclusive evidence regarding their direct involvement in the Covid-19 pandemic is still pending. Nonetheless, understanding bats’ unique characteristics contributes to our knowledge of potential virus sources.

Battling the Virus with Vigilance

The coronavirus has had a devastating impact worldwide, affecting respiratory health and causing fatal complications. Although there is no concrete evidence of droplet transmission, wearing masks, practicing frequent handwashing, and maintaining a safe distance from individuals displaying symptoms remain essential precautions.

A Global Crisis and Technological Innovations

The virus has spread globally, wreaking havoc on various sectors, including tourism and international manufacturing. Governments, including China, have embraced cutting-edge technologies to combat the spread, utilizing drones to enforce isolation measures in residential areas. It is crucial to adapt and respond to this evolving crisis collectively.

To learn more about the “Be a Bat Man” suit and stay updated on groundbreaking developments, visit Caravansarai. Let’s strive for a safer future together, one innovation at a time. Stay vigilant, stay protected!