The Babylonstoren Hotel

The Babylonstoren Hotel, situated on the grounds of a 17th-century Dutch farmhouse that has been transformed into a hotel and winery, is thrilled to announce the opening of its mesmerizing Spice Garden. Transporting guests to an era of rich history and exotic flavors, this new addition is a testament to the hotel’s dedication to providing unforgettable experiences.

A Journey Through Spice and Time

At the heart of Babylonstoren’s Spice Garden lies a captivating conservatory. Here, visitors can indulge in a culinary exploration, savoring dishes infused with an array of carefully selected spices while immersing themselves in the captivating stories behind their historical significance.

In the past, sailors embarking on treacherous journeys in search of these prized spices often suffered from scurvy due to their consumption of rancid meat or cheese. It was during this period that a small settlement was born in Table Bay, South Africa, complete with a garden that could supply passing ships with fresh produce. The Spice Garden at Babylonstoren pays homage to this adventurous era, reminding us of the tremendous value and impact of these aromatic treasures.

Unveiling the Secrets of the Orient

Spice Garden

“Our spice garden tells stories about the spice trade with the Orient,” shared Terry De Waal, CEO of Babylonstoren. “Within this serene green space, you will encounter an enchanting variety of aromatic plants that were once traded on epic sea voyages, including cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, galangal, ginger, and turmeric. As you wander through, you’ll feel the temperature rise, the humidity embrace, and you’ll uncover the enthralling history of the spice trail, which once meandered around the Cape of Good Hope during the 17th century.”

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A Masterpiece in Glass and Steel

Spice Garden

The Spice Garden, meticulously designed by the esteemed Malherbe Rust Architects, is a testament to both elegance and functionality. The structure takes the form of a simple yet striking greenhouse, featuring a sturdy steel frame and a majestic dome. The glass panels, crafted from polycarbonate plastic, not only help retain heat but also protect the delicate plants from harmful UV rays.

Enveloped in Nature’s Warm Embrace

Spice Garden

As you step inside the Spice Garden, you will be greeted by a wooden platform surrounded by sunken planting areas. A heated pond, carefully incorporated into the design, elevates the temperature and humidity levels—creating an idyllic environment for the thriving plants. Peer into this fascinating aquatic world and behold exotic fish from the Asian tropics, including zebrafish, sea bass, and bala sharks. Everything, from the heating and cooling mechanisms to humidity control, has been meticulously considered to meet the unique needs of the plants within the greenhouse.

A Dining Experience Like No Other

Spice Garden

At the heart of the Spice Garden stands a magnificent eight-meter-long granite dining table. Water gracefully flows along the center of the table, gently cascading from a brass faucet at one end to a spigot at the other. This extraordinary centerpiece provides seating for up to 24 guests, who will enjoy their meals from the comfort of simple yet elegant wooden chairs. As Terry De Waal explains, “The continuous flow of water along the table symbolizes the lifeblood of the garden, falling gracefully into a large water tank below.”

A Haven of Culinary Delights

Spice Garden

The Babylonstoren Hotel first opened its doors in 2010, delighting guests with its magnificent restaurant and comfortable guest rooms. Over the years, it has expanded its offerings to include exquisite wines, a serene garden spa with a rejuvenating hammam, and the scenic Puff Adder wooden walkway. Every plant that thrives within the hotel’s vast estate serves a purpose, whether it be culinary or medicinal, providing guests with an extraordinary sensory experience.

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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of spices at Babylonstoren’s Spice Garden—a place where history, nature, and culinary artistry converge. Discover the allure of the Orient’s most cherished flavors within a serene glass sanctuary. To learn more about Babylonstoren and its enchanting Spice Garden, visit Caravansarai.