The 15 best painting apps for iPad (part 2)

If you’re an artist looking to unleash your creativity on the go, you’re in luck! The iPad offers a wide range of painting apps that can transform your tablet into a digital canvas. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best painting apps available for the iPad.

Comic Draw: Bring Your Ideas to Life

Designed by Plasq, Comic Draw is a feature-rich app that caters to cartoonists. From concept sketching to color and typography adjustments, this app has it all. With a digital artboard and a variety of inks and paints, you can bring your ideas to life quickly. Comic Draw also supports layers, making it easy to manage objects and organize multi-page comics, books, or graphic novels.

Comic Draw

Graphic: A Powerful Graphic Design App

Graphic is a professional graphic design and illustration app that enables artists to work freely on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Originally developed by Autodesk and now owned by Picta, Graphic has undergone significant upgrades. With powerful tools like the pen tool for custom shapes, effect layers for shadows and glows, and support for rulers and units of measure, Graphic provides a robust design experience. Whether you’re creating complex vector images or simple diagrams, Graphic has you covered.


Pixelmator: Not Just a Photo Editor

Pixelmator is not just a photo editor but also a powerful graphic design and painting app. With over 90 brush types, including watercolors and pixel brushes, Pixelmator offers a diverse range of tools for artists. While the app is not updated as frequently as its macOS version, Pixelmator Pro, it still provides excellent features for iPad users. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner, Pixelmator’s intuitive interface and extensive brush library will help you create stunning artwork.

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Adobe Photoshop Sketch: Familiar and Versatile

As a shortened version of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a familiar software to many artists. With a collection of pencils, pens, markers, and brushes, including those for watercolor and pastels, this app provides a versatile creative experience. Sign in with your Adobe ID account to access custom brushes from Adobe Capture CC. Adobe Photoshop Sketch also offers customization options for Apple Pencil users, allowing you to switch between brushes and the eraser with a double tap.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Illustrator Draw: Create Amazing Vector Art

With Illustrator Draw, you can unleash your creativity with a variety of useful tools. The app allows you to create vector work and shapes, which can be easily transferred to Illustrator on your desktop. Compatible with devices like Apple Pencil, Adobe Ink, and Wacom stylus pens, Illustrator Draw provides a seamless drawing experience. Customize the toolbar and brush settings, and take advantage of the Touch Slide digital ruler to create perfect lines and curves.

Illustrator Draw

Procreate: Realistic Artistic Experience

Designed to take full advantage of the iPad’s capabilities, Procreate offers an immersive painting experience. With up to 80 different brushes, including wet brushes, dry brushes, and erasers, Procreate allows you to create realistic images with ease. The app works seamlessly with Apple Pencil and iPad Pro, providing an unparalleled level of precision and control. Expand your artistic possibilities with additional brush packs, and let your creativity flow.


ArtRage: Emulate Real-World Painting Tools

ArtRage brings the experience of real-world drawing tools to your iPad. With a wide range of options like oil paints, watercolors, pencils, and more, ArtRage mimics the effects and textures of traditional art materials. The app even detects the roughness of the virtual paper, allowing for smooth shading. ArtRage works seamlessly with Apple Pencil’s pressure and tilt settings, providing a natural and immersive digital painting experience.

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Concepts: Precision and Versatility for Architects and Designers

Perfect for architects and product designers, Concepts combines the precision of Adobe Illustrator with pixel-based brushes. The app offers a range of features to bring your creative ideas to life. Whether you opt for the free version or upgrade to the pro version, Concepts provides a seamless design experience. Customize your workspace and access a wealth of additional content and features.

These are just a few of the top painting apps available for the iPad. Each app offers unique features and tools to cater to different artistic styles and preferences. So, grab your Apple Pencil and start creating amazing artwork on your iPad!