I. 2014 Taipei International Art Revolution Art Competition Rules

The International Association of Modern Artists of Taiwan and Taipei Art Revolution (ART), Taiwan’s most significant art exchange platform, are now accepting registrations for the Taipei International Painting Contest 2014 (IAC), one of the most crucial painting competitions in Asia.

Topic: freedom

Contest Topics: open to all artists over 18 years old worldwide

Number of entries: each participant can submit 2 entries.

Deadline: 12/31/2013

Registration fee: free.


A loose adaptation of the play “Indian Woman” by the Russian artist Jeni bev Biktimirova won the first prize in the 2013 Taipei Art Revolution International Art Competition.

II. How to Participate

  • The artworks must be 2D drawings, created with oil or acrylic paint, and completed between June 2010 and the present.
  • Maximum size: 120cm wide x 120cm high
  • All artworks are for sale. The selling price is calculated using the following formula: sale price (US$) / (width (cm) x height (cm) x 0.02) ≤ 100

For example: For a rainbow painting with a selling price of $2000, width: 50cm, height: 80cm, the calculation is as follows:

(50 x 80 x 0.02 = 80; 2000 / 80 = 25 (25 < 100, so $2000 is an acceptable price).

The application form includes:

  • Entries must be photographed and submitted digitally:

    • Image file: JPG.
    • Image quality: 300 dpi
    • Shortest dimension ≥ 19 cm, longest dimension ≤ 29 cm.
    • File size: no more than 5 MB. Each entry can have 1 JPG image.
    • File name format: job name_material_size (width x height)_sales price_1.jpg

    (Example: A Happy Day_oil on canvas_50x70_USD500_1.jpg)

    • Avoid using the “..” symbol in the file name.
  • Download and complete the registration form, attach a photo, and send it to the email address Competition@arts,org.tw.

  • Provide a description of your artwork and personal profile: no more than 150 words if written in Chinese, 450 characters if written in English (including spaces and punctuation). This description should be in .doc format.

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III. Prize

All artworks will be exhibited for sale at the Taipei Painting Revolution 2014 fair, and one artist will receive free sponsorship for a 9 m2 exhibition area at the Art Revolution 2015 exhibition. All selected artworks will be displayed throughout the Art Revolution Hoa 2014 fair from April 16 to 20, 2014.

The finalists will be announced on the official website on January 10, 2014.

For detailed information about the competition, please visit the official website of the 2014 Taipei Art Revolution International Painting Competition.