After the successful DrawSomething 2012 free drawing and design contest, which attracted over 100 entries and garnered thousands of votes, we are excited to present the return of DrawSomething in a new edition called “DrawSomething – Emotions.”

Contest Format

In this competition, every week we will announce a theme related to a specific emotional state. Contestants will showcase their artwork that best represents the given theme.

Week 1 Theme: “Enthusiastic”

The first week of the contest introduced the theme “Enthusiastic,” and we received some outstanding submissions. All three entries showed a dedication and investment from the creators, resulting in aesthetically pleasing artworks. The main focus now is evaluating how well these artworks express the “excited” emotion they aim to portray.

Examiner’s Evaluation

The examiners assessed the submissions and provided their feedback. Let’s take a look at their evaluations:

Results of the DrawSomething Emotions contest week 1

The facial expressions, hand movements, and effects in the first artwork clearly depict the intense emotion of “Enthusiasm.” The poster-style drawing successfully enhances the idea, although some proportions need improvement.

Results of the DrawSomething Emotions contest week 1

The second artwork, showcasing a Chibi-style drawing, is both cute and inspiring. It effectively conveys a story in a single image. However, due to the early stages of development, the viewers mainly perceive a mischievous character and a sense of “excitement” rather than genuine emotion. We look forward to seeing more works from this artist.

Results of the DrawSomething Emotions contest week 1

The third drawing demonstrates a semi-realistic and shorthand style. Although the technical polish could be improved, it manages to capture depth. This artwork reminds us of the character “Old Hac” experiencing unexpected joy. The focus is on elements that attract the viewer’s attention, aiming to express surprise and delight. However, the artwork lacks condensed impact and a climactic moment.

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Audience and BTC Votes

The audience had the opportunity to vote for their favorite artworks. Here are the results:

  1. “Stop!” by Cao Anh Trung: received 3 points from the audience.
  2. “Daughter of Wine” by Nguyen Hoai Bao: received 1 point from the audience.
  3. “An Exciting Job” by Le Thien Quoc: received 2 points from the audience.

The BTC (organizers) also cast their votes:

  1. “Stop!” by Cao Anh Trung: received 1 point (with 5 likes) from the BTC.
  2. “Daughter of Wine” by Nguyen Hoai Bao: received 2 points (with 11 likes) from the BTC.
  3. “An Exciting Job” by Le Thien Quoc: received 3 points (with 27 likes) from the BTC.

Final Scores

The final score is calculated by combining the audience’s votes (30%) and the BTC’s votes (70%). Here are the calculations:

  1. “Stop!” by Cao Anh Trung: 3 x 70% + 1 x 30% = 2.4
  2. “Daughter of Wine” by Nguyen Hoai Bao: 1 x 70% + 2 x 30% = 1.3
  3. “An Exciting Job” by Le Thien Quoc: 2 x 70% + 3 x 30% = 2.3

Winner Announcement

Based on the final scores, the overall winner is “High” by the talented artist Cao Anh Trung. Congratulations! Please contact the organizing committee to claim your prize.

Contact Information:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 0437950688 (Ask for Mai)

Cao Anh Trung will receive shopping vouchers worth a total of 400,000, including two vouchers worth 100,000 for Wind Chimes Cafe (264A Le Van Sy, District 3, HCM) and two vouchers worth 100,000 for phone/laptop stickers from Hanoiskin.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the remaining participants, Nguyen Hoai Bao and Le Thien Quoc, for their enthusiastic contribution to the contest. We look forward to receiving more exceptional artwork from you in the future.

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