Results of the 1st round of the contest to learn about substance abuse and addictions

The Media Product Design Competition, organized by the Center for Management Research and Sustainable Development (MSD) and the NGO Fontana – Denmark, in collaboration with the Association of Ho Chi Minh City HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control (HAA) and LIN Community Development Center, has just concluded its first round. In less than a month, the contest managed to captivate the attention and participation of numerous individuals, groups, and organizations.

List of Media Products Going to Round 2

Let us celebrate and congratulate the individuals and groups mentioned in the following list:

  • FSA A1: Sing popular songs, listen to lyrics, participate in drug prevention activities, practice HIV/AIDS harm reduction – Author: Tinh Than group
  • FSA A3: They Passed, You Too – Author: Phi Thi Tu Nga
  • FSA A7: Cau Bong Group – Author: Nguyen Kim Long
  • FSA A8: Black and White – Author: New Day Team
  • FSA A11: Preventing Substance Abuse and Addiction in Adolescents – Author: Harry Potter Team
  • FSA A12: Substance abuse/addiction prevention with families and children – New Day IDU Group Nha Trang
  • FSA A13: Do you want me to live? – Author: Phan Thi Ngoc Hien
  • FSA B1: Where is the true joy? – Author: Pham Dinh Bao
  • FSA B15: Alcohol Destroys Families – Author: Team Zeerus
  • FSA B19: Do not commit suicide – Author: Dang Quang Anh
  • FSA B22: Substance Addiction Poster – Author: Le Ngoc Long
  • FSA B24: Are you sober to know who you are playing with? – Author: Nguyen Dat
  • FSA B31: Your Future, Your Choices – Author: Pham Thi My Huyen
  • FSA B32: 90% of students can become addicted to drugs from friends – Author: Pham Thi My Huyen
  • FSA B33: Every 19 minutes someone dies from a drug overdose – Author: Pham Thi My Huyen
  • FSA B37: Youth Drug Prevention Poster – Author: Nguyen Thi Lam’s group
  • FSA B38: Youth Drug Prevention Poster – Author: Nguyen Thi Lam’s group
  • FSA B40: Toxic alcohol – Author: Thai Hong Phuc
  • FSA B43: “Death Love” movie poster – Author: Tran Phi Tan
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These remarkable media products will be showcased at the “Learning About Substance Abuse and Addiction” Information Day happening on August 22, 2014, in Ho Chi Minh City.

Guide to Online Voting for Favorite Multimedia Products

Are you ready to make your voice heard? Join the jury in selecting the winning product by participating in the online vote for your favorite media product. You can cast your vote via social media here and also vote in person on the Information Day itself (August 22, 2014, in Ho Chi Minh City).

Results of the 1st round of the contest

Instructions to Participate in Online Voting

Follow these simple steps to vote for your favorite media product:

  1. Access the contest’s Facebook page here.
  2. Navigate to the “Photo Album” and “Video” section to view the multimedia products.
  3. Like or share (public mode) your favorite product on the contest’s fan page.

Voting will be open from August 16, 2014, until 5:00 p.m. on August 21, 2014. is honored to be the media partner of this exceptional contest!

Remember to save the date and make your choice count. Let’s come together to learn about substance abuse and addiction while supporting these remarkable multimedia creations. Cast your vote and be a part of this meaningful cause!

For more information about the contest and the organizations behind it, visit Caravansarai.