Rebel with Maverick design style

Maverick expresses himself through color.

First, How to Choose an Interior Design Style Suitable for You?

Most people underestimate the true value of interior design. It not only gives you a unique personality but also showcases your aesthetic eye. Moreover, interior design significantly enhances the value of your property.

With so many interior design styles available, finding the right one for your home shouldn’t be difficult. Whether it’s the living room, bathroom, bedroom, or kitchen, you have the freedom to synchronize your living space, including the house design, furniture, and colors, with the chosen style.

A unique and strange cabinet

Improvised design, white and lemon color combination

There are twelve basic interior design styles, including modern minimalist, classic, rustic, neoclassical, retro, hipster, contemporary, high-tech, country chic, European design style, and oriental design style. Each style possesses unique, strange, and attractive features. Today, let’s dive into the remarkable Maverick style.

Interior Design with a Hipster Vibe

Maverick is a non-traditional interior design style. It’s perfect for those who are unafraid of experimentation. This style disregards the rules and combines modern design with a creative, unique, and youthfully rebellious approach. Maverick design stands out with its random combination of vivid colors and overlapping pieces. It appeals to individuals who desire to express their open-mindedness, originality, and imaginative personality.

Maverick doesn't follow a standard or a rule, anything can stand out in your home

Many find the Maverick style unusual and visually stimulating. It evokes strong emotions, either love or hate, with very little room for indifference. Standing before a Maverick-designed interior, one experiences a mix of excitement and confusion. However, it ultimately reflects your bold personality.

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It is strange to combine the dominant neutral gray with bold colors such as red, yellow, blue

Random colors: In Maverick, color knows no limits. You have the freedom to combine any colors you desire, allowing for rebellious and experimental combinations. If you already have a color palette in mind, collaborate with an interior design expert who can bring that style to life.

The modern style will become Maverick with the addition of a pink chair and table

Unique and strange decorations: Maverick interiors always embrace decor, much like modern design styles. However, Maverick sets itself apart by not grouping these decorative objects closely together. Rugs, pillows, and other decorative elements can still be utilized, but with ample space and visual breathing room.

In Maverick nothing is impossible

A special bathtub to highlight your bathroom

Random colors, unique furniture with a weird round table with no legs or stacked mirrors

Mats with overlapping, sometimes unrelated colors

Quirky style: Maverick was first associated with fashion design styles, and now it successfully permeates interior design, becoming a bold contemporary trend. Maverick-inspired furniture is often whimsical yet practical. However, the very essence of this style sometimes triumphs over practicality.

Modern style sofa set combined with a uniquely designed wooden table

If you’ve come across magazines featuring Maverick homes, you’ll notice elements absent in any other interior design style. Chairs may have irregular shapes, and walls and floors exhibit overlapping colors that wouldn’t traditionally belong together. But in Maverick, anything is possible, and colors take on a whole new life. The result may seem strange to some, even bordering on the eccentric, but boredom is never a concern in such a space.

Fits Everywhere: Maverick suits both small and large spaces. It can be found in public interiors—art galleries and museums frequently embrace this style—and can be effectively incorporated into modern residential homes.

Maverick allows homeowners to express their uniqueness and peculiarity. If you enjoy watching Fashion TV, hanging out at nightclubs, and keeping up with modern trends, then Maverick is the perfect style for you. While some may not understand the essence of Maverick, once exposed to this style, it’s an exciting opportunity to unleash the ideas in your head and bring them to life.

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Maverick-style furniture can come in all forms

This is a cafe scene

The "cash cow" design furniture set is very suitable for Maverick-style houses

These bags are portable

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