Are you looking for a unique space that seamlessly combines both home and business needs? Look no further than Olwen House, an innovative housing project located in the bustling neighborhood of Da Nang, Vietnam. Designed by the architecture firm D1, this multifunctional integrated space offers not just a showroom and commercial area but also a workspace for a photography studio. Let’s dive into the details of this remarkable project and explore its distinctive features.

A Modern Twist on Tradition

Inspired by the traditional lifestyle and structure of old houses in central Vietnam, D1 has created an architectural masterpiece with Olwen House. The design incorporates a vertically stacked floor plan, resulting in a one-of-a-kind space that seamlessly integrates various functions. This unique approach encourages the harmonious coexistence of multi-generational family members and bridges the gap between modern construction and natural elements.

Olwen House

Functional Floors

Each floor of Olwen House serves a specific purpose, catering to the diverse needs of its inhabitants. The first and second floors combine a workspace with a wedding dress showroom, offering a professional environment that exudes elegance. The third floor is a dedicated gathering space for the entire family, fostering a sense of togetherness and warmth. To maintain privacy, a separate outdoor staircase divides the workspace and showroom from the living areas.

Workspace at Olwen House

Embracing Nature

Olwen House not only provides a functional and aesthetically pleasing space but also embraces the beauty of nature. The design incorporates elements that ensure a connection with the natural world. From the view of trees and the sound of birds singing to the invigorating sunlight, every morning brings a sense of freshness to the residents. D1’s philosophy behind Olwen House is to introduce a new approach to modern housing in Vietnam, combining contemporary ideas with lessons learned from the country’s rich architectural heritage.

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Traditional Elements at Olwen House


Olwen House is more than just a residential and commercial space; it is a testament to the ingenuity of D1’s architectural vision. By seamlessly integrating different functions and embracing nature, this multifunctional integrated space offers a unique and harmonious living and working environment. If you’re seeking a versatile space that caters to both your personal and professional needs, Olwen House is the perfect choice.

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