Design house Nicolás Ghesquiere

Nicolas Ghesquière, the talented fashion designer, captivated the industry and succeeded Marc Jacobs as the head of Louis Vuitton. Born in 1971, Ghesquière’s love for drawing and fashion blossomed from an early age, influenced by his mother’s penchant for late 17th-century style clothing.

The Early Journey towards Fashion

At just 14 years old, Ghesquière applied for an internship at a Parisian fashion boutique. Later, at 19, he landed an internship with none other than Jean-Paul Gaultier. While his initial responsibilities involved menial tasks like making coffee and photocopying, being immersed in the world of fashion allowed Ghesquière to observe, learn, and admire famous collections, honing his skills to create extraordinary designs in the future.

Moving forward, Ghesquière transitioned to freelancing at the age of 21 and secured a position at Balenciaga, a renowned fashion house founded by Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. There, he absorbed inspiration from Balenciaga’s signature puffy dresses, which beautifully combined femininity and modernity. Little did he know that this experience would shape his own design philosophy.

In a surprising turn of events, Ghesquière became the chief designer and creative director of Balenciaga at the young age of 25. It was during this time that he unveiled his first spring/summer collection in 1988. His unique Gothic designs caught the attention of Madonna, who rocked his creations at the prestigious Golden Globes. This unexpected endorsement led to Ghesquière being named Vogue Designer of the Year in the same year.

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Designer Nicolas Ghesquiere

Renowned fashion critic Suzy Menkes hailed Ghesquière as “a great pioneering designer of his generation.” The Balenciaga brand gained further recognition when supermodel Stella Tennant wore their designs to accept the Supermodel of the Year award in 2001. From then on, Balenciaga’s fashion creations became a staple on red carpets worldwide.

Ghesquière’s unparalleled talent and creative vision earned him praise from famous shoe designer Pierre Hardy, who described him as “a genius” with an unwavering determination to achieve excellence. With Ghesquière at the helm, Balenciaga ventured into uncharted territories.

Nicolas Ghesquière’s Arrival at Louis Vuitton

The year 2014 marked a new chapter in Ghesquière’s career as he joined the prestigious fashion house, Louis Vuitton. Armed with his distinctive approach and fresh ideas, he unveiled his debut collection for Louis Vuitton – the Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 Collection.

These captivating designs not only captured the essence of the present but also indicated a vision for the future. Ghesquière truly understood the importance of relevance in fashion, noting, “You have to witness all the moments that surround you. People often call me a ‘futurist’ designer, with designs inspired by the future, but for me, the future is essentially the present.”

Nicolas Ghesquière's first collection at Louis Vuitton

Ghesquière’s vision for Louis Vuitton was beautifully realized in his first collection, which showcased a fusion of classic and contemporary elements. The impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail left an indelible mark on the fashion world. As he continued to create remarkable designs, Ghesquière used his platform to highlight nature-inspired motifs like corals, jellyfish, and flowers.

The Louis Vuitton Resort Collection of 2015

Following the success of his debut Louis Vuitton collection, Ghesquière presented the Resort 2015 Collection. The event took place at the Place du Palais, where the contrast between traditional beauty and contemporary aesthetics served as a backdrop for his groundbreaking designs.

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Louis Vuitton Resort 2015 Collection by Nicolas Ghesquière

The transparent greenhouse space exemplified Louis Vuitton’s new direction under Ghesquière’s creative guidance. The collection featured a captivating blend of classic 60s-70s influences and modern elements, solidifying Ghesquière’s status as a visionary designer.

From the red carpet to everyday wear, Ghesquière’s designs have become an integral part of the fashion landscape. Kristen Stewart, the star of “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” has been seen sporting Ghesquière’s high-waisted pant designs, while flared dresses from the Spring Summer 2013 collection have graced numerous fashion magazines.

Designer Nicolas Ghesquiere

The Journey Continues

Nicolas Ghesquière’s incredible journey in the fashion industry is far from over. As the creative director of Louis Vuitton, he continues to create inspiring collections that push boundaries and redefine fashion. His ability to infuse the present with a touch of the future sets him apart as a true visionary.

To stay updated on Ghesquière’s future endeavors and explore more of his exceptional designs, visit Caravansarai. Join us as we celebrate the extraordinary talent of Nicolas Ghesquière, the rising star who revolutionized the world of fashion.