By Caravansarai

Nest House - Well designed for the owners to welcome

Have you ever wished for a house that effortlessly accommodates all your family and friends? Nest House, designed by QBi Corp, is exactly that—a stunning residence that welcomes everyone with open arms. The unique architectural features and seamless integration with nature make Nest House a truly remarkable abode. Let’s explore its captivating design and inviting ambiance.

Harmonious Design, Expertly Crafted


Nest House, covering an expansive area of 260m2, sits on a picturesque lot. The architects in charge, Tran Le Quoc Binh and Nguyen Duong Minh Nhat, have skillfully brought nature closer to the living space and worship area. With the expertise of QBi Corp, Nest House beautifully combines comfort, functionality, and aesthetics.

Serenity in the Sky


Imagine two chalet-style rooms suspended like bird’s nests, offering tranquility and relaxation. Nest House provides a resort-like atmosphere, with abundant natural light and a seamless connection to the surroundings. The spacious living room overlooks a lush garden, creating a serene haven for rest and rejuvenation.

A Celebration of Traditions


Nest House holds a special place for traditional family activities and events such as ancestor worship and gatherings. The banquet hall, inspired by the unique long and narrow houses of ethnic minorities in Vietnam’s central highlands, exudes charm and elegance. The room features reclaimed wood and textures reminiscent of traditional ethnic houses. The open ground floor, embraced by nature, serves as a flexible space for various purposes.

Embracing Everyday Joy


The design philosophy of Nest House goes beyond functionality; it aims to create an atmosphere of joy and connection. As the sun rises, residents can enjoy the simple pleasures of tending to the garden and watering the plants. The open ground floor becomes a playground for children, an inviting space for friends and family to gather, and a place of worship for ancestors. Nest House fosters a sense of community and appreciation for the little joys of everyday life.

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A Home to Cherish



The enchanting Nest House, once dubbed the “party house,” has transcended its original purpose. It has become a cherished home, adorned with brightness and warmth. The owners take immense pride in their abode, where even the ancestors find ample space to welcome their beloved children during Tet, the traditional Lunar New Year festival in Vietnam.

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