Are you searching for the perfect pair of sunglasses? Look no further than the newly renovated Ottici Center in Nea Smyrni, Athens. Mold Architects have transformed this 40-year-old eyeglass shop into a modern and visually stunning space, showcasing a wide range of eyewear and sunglasses.

A Fresh Perspective on Store Design

The challenge faced by Mold Architects was the limited space available. However, they turned this constraint into an opportunity to create a new brand identity and a unique art space. By decoding the traditional texture of the store, the architects designed eight vertical and horizontal surfaces, grouped into four pairs, each made with different materials and serving different purposes.

Principal interior view

The first pair of surfaces wraps around the front and one major side of the store, forming a metal mesh curtain to display sunglasses, mirrors, and the company logo. This design evokes the archetypal structural element – the link between bricks – creating an artistic eyeglass display that is both functional and visually captivating.

The Beauty of the Metal Curtain

The glasses are showcased against a metal curtain wall that utilizes the existing compartments, originally designed to hold 500 glasses. The architects ingeniously transformed these compartments into part of a white vertical exhibition surface. This surface can be folded flat on the ground, creating a three-meter-long table for glass inspection.

Glass showcase

To expand the store visually, a gamma mirror, four meters wide, was installed. This reflective surface, combined with a linear reflective surface on the floor, creates an infinite mesh space. Customers can now enjoy a wider perspective of the products, unrestricted by the physical boundaries of the store.

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Illuminating the Space

Barissol lighting was carefully selected for the roof and rear of the store. The architects transformed the surfaces into individual light sources, effectively limiting objects and other light sources in the space.

View of the main interior

A Façade of Depth and Intrigue

The store’s façade features a double-layered perforated aluminum panel that is illuminated in white and copper. This creates a captivating illusion of depth while incorporating a mesh pattern that beautifully transitions into the store’s interior.

Exterior facade

Mold Architects aimed to create an almost unreal, iconic, and picturesque space that highlights the products showcased in the store. The metal curtain, reflective and illuminating surfaces, absence of color and shadows, and minimal presence of objects all contribute to achieving this goal.

Experience the Ottici Center

If you’re in Athens and looking for a truly unique eyewear shopping experience, make sure to visit the Ottici Center. Step into a world where art and functionality seamlessly blend together. Discover your perfect pair of glasses in this remarkable space designed by Mold Architects.

To learn more about Mold Architects and their innovative projects, visit their official website Caravansarai.

Project Information:

  • Project Name: Ottici Center
  • Location: Nea Smyrni, Athens, Greece
  • Architects: Mold Architects
  • Completion Year: 2020
  • Total Construction Area: 538ft² (50m²)