A Modern Tribute to Greenport Village’s Fishing Legacy

Attorney Kristen Penness had a brilliant vision when designing the Menhaden Hotel in Greenport Village, Long Island. Inspired by the area’s deep-rooted maritime history, she aimed to create a boutique hotel that would pay homage to the region’s fishing and whaling traditions.

Menhaden Hotel

Pennessi, along with her husband Dan, joined forces with renowned Manhattan architect Tom Pedrazzi to bring their dream to life. Together, they crafted a stunning 16-room establishment located at the entrance of the city. This very spot was once home to a famous carousel, which found its new dwelling at Mitchell Park in 2011.

Menhaden Hotel

An Immersive Maritime Experience

Stepping into Menhaden Hotel means immersing yourself in a world of maritime wonder. The indoor public spaces are aptly named after local fish species and boast captivating displays of marine artifacts. During the hotel’s construction, these treasures were unearthed, including bottles, bricks, horseshoes, and masts from Greenport’s historical whaling ships.

Clean lines, stylish black lacquer, and elegant brass details define the hotel’s ground floor, featuring the inviting lobby, cozy lounge, and comfortable café.

Menhaden Hotel

“We wanted the foyer floor to exude modernity and boldness, while also incorporating shiplap walls and sleek finishes to soften the overall atmosphere,” Pennessi explains.

Menhaden Hotel

Comfortable Living Spaces with a Touch of Home

Each living room at Menhaden Hotel is uniquely designed, offering a distinct sense of coziness and familiarity. The spaces are adorned with white walls, creating an ambiance that is both light and airy. To complement this vibe, white furnishings and a neutral color palette adorned with hints of green and wood accents are carefully selected. The furniture predominantly comes from Restoration Hardware, ensuring comfort and style.

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Menhaden Hotel

Captivating Nautical Art and Luxurious Bathrooms

Renowned Long Island-based artist Scott Farrell showcases his abstract photography throughout Menhaden Hotel, featuring captivating nautical themes such as ship hulls.

The bathrooms at Menhaden Hotel are designed to provide a luxurious spa-like experience. Guests can indulge in tubs or showers featuring amenities from Roam, a women-owned company specializing in American-made, non-toxic natural products.

Menhaden Hotel

Unforgettable Culinary Experiences at The Merchant’s Wife

Menhaden Hotel is also home to a remarkable restaurant, The Merchant’s Wife. With its inviting lounge-style dining area, Pennessi has custom-designed two barstools made of raw oak with angora felt finishes. Marble countertops add a touch of opulence, enhancing the overall dining experience.

The bar, with its striking black shutters, is crowned with a poured concrete counter. Black wicker spherical lights and tea lights illuminate the space, while hand-painted, floor-to-ceiling murals in vibrant colors by local artist Kara Hoblen further enhance the captivating atmosphere.

Menhaden Hotel

Breathtaking Outdoor Terrace with Spectacular Views

Menhaden Hotel offers an enchanting outdoor terrace that overlooks the picturesque Greenport Harbor. Complete with a bar, fireplace, and ample seating, guests can enjoy the fresh air and stunning vistas.

A Charming Getaway Destination

The Long Island metropolitan area has become a thriving vacation spot for those wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of New York City. Menhaden Hotel stands proudly among other recently completed properties, such as A Room at the Beach, a boutique hotel previously owned by American fashion designer Donna Karan, and a stunning Hamptons retreat.

Come and experience the splendor of Menhaden Hotel—a captivating fusion of modern design and Long Island’s maritime heritage. Book your stay and embark on an unforgettable journey at Caravansarai.

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