Embracing Nature and Local Craftsmanship

Located along the picturesque Hoi An River in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam, the M Villa is a stunning duplex villa nestled on a spacious 600 square meter plot. Surrounded by untouched natural landscapes and abundant local flora, this architectural marvel seamlessly blends with its environment.


Harmonizing with its Surroundings

The primary challenge faced during the project was to harmoniously incorporate the surroundings into the design while utilizing indigenous materials. Moreover, the villa needed to withstand the harsh climate of Hoi An, characterized by long rainy seasons and frigid winters, accompanied by frequent storms and floods.


A Majestic Retreat

To tackle these challenges, the creative minds at D1 proposed a unique concept: a large roof covered with coconut leaves, lending the villa the appearance of an expansive tent. The living area is situated outdoors, allowing residents to relish the surrounding nature, while the interior spaces provide comfort and relaxation. This seamless connection between indoors and outdoors enhances the overall experience.


Embracing the Outdoors

In order to fully appreciate the breathtaking surroundings, the design embraces an open concept, minimizing walls and maximizing panoramic views. All functional areas are vertically arranged, ensuring flexibility and adaptability during the rainy season when water levels rise.


Preserving Traditional Craftsmanship

The M Villa celebrates the rich heritage of Vietnam by utilizing an abundance of local materials and craftsmanship. This not only creates a harmonious blend with the landscape but also supports and preserves traditional craft villages in an era dominated by mass production.

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A Serene Haven Amid Nature

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with the M Villa, where every element is thoughtfully designed to captivate and rejuvenate. Experience tranquility and authentic Vietnamese craftsmanship, all while being embraced by the enchanting surroundings.




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