Iris van Herpen simulates a trance state in the Fall Couture 2019 fashion collection

Discover the Magic of Iris van Herpen’s Fall Couture 2019 Collection


Iris van Herpen, renowned for her unparalleled creativity, continues to captivate her fans with her distinctive designs. In her latest Fall Couture 2019 collection, Van Herpen once again showcases her masterpieces, mesmerizing us with their enchanting allure that is impossible to look away from.

Hypnosis: Reflecting the Beauty of the Natural World


Featuring 19 outfits that embody diverse looks, Hypnosis aims to mirror “the beauty and complexity of the living environment” by imitating the delicate shapes and structures found in nature.

Uniting Technique and Craftsmanship


Van Herpen seamlessly blends luxurious materials such as organza, luminous silk, and duchlie satin with aluminum and stainless steel structures. This fusion of technique and craftsmanship results in garments that are both visually stunning and structurally impressive.

Ancient Techniques Meet Modern Innovation


Drawing inspiration from ancient techniques, Van Herpen employs moiré weaving to create the illusion of a shiny surface. Multiple layers of corrugated fabric come together to produce a mesmerizing effect that dazzles the eye.

Collaboration with Sculptor Anthony Howe


For this extraordinary show, Van Herpen partnered with sculptor Anthony Howe. The famous Omniverse sculpture by the American artist was recreated on the catwalk, providing a unique backdrop as the models gracefully walked and displayed the collection.

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“I really admire Anthony Howe’s Ommineverse work, and I wanted to infuse the emotions I experienced into this collection,” shared Iris.

Hypnotic Movement Comes to Life


Pushing the boundaries of physics, Van Herpen expertly crafts garments that appear to be in constant motion. Although the models remain still and the dresses don’t physically move, each outfit creates an illusion of movement that mesmerizes viewers.

The Infinity Dress: A Finale to Remember


One of the highlights of this collection is the Infinity dress. During the grand finale, this dress seemingly defies time and space, appearing to be in perpetual motion.

Artistic Reflections of Suminagashi


Inspired by the Japanese art of water painting, some garments in the collection reflect the delicate patterns of Suminagashi, also known as “embossed ink.” The silk fabric gradually changes color from white to burgundy, creating a flowing effect that resembles ink cascading over human skin.

Experience the Magic of Iris van Herpen


More than just visually captivating, the dresses in this Fall Couture 2019 collection tell their own stories. Each garment invites you into a world of wonder and awe.

To explore more of Iris van Herpen’s magical creations, visit Caravansarai.