Liu Bolin's artwork

Liu Bolin is a globally renowned artist whose work has captivated audiences worldwide. Through his series of photographs, he has brought to light the stories of countless countries and their people. Recently, Bolin collaborated with the famous Ruinart winery and vineyard, creating a collection of stunning images featuring artists and winemakers dressed in Ruinart symbols.

In a recent interview at the Frieze exhibition in New York, we had the opportunity to speak with Liu Bolin about his artwork, the inspiration behind his projects, and the role of “invisible” individuals in an ever-changing world.

Changes and Preferences

Since our last conversation in 2013 in New York, Bolin has experienced significant changes in his career. His art projects have attracted more participants, with dozens of people sometimes joining his goal series. In 2015, his career took yet another turn with the creation of the “Hacker” collection.

As technology has evolved, Bolin’s preferences and approach to his art have also shifted. With the rise of smartphones and visually-focused social media platforms, such as Instagram and Wechat, Bolin recognizes the impact that technology has had on society.

Revealing Hidden Stories in the Digital Age

In a world where an overwhelming amount of content is available online, it can be challenging for people’s hidden stories to be heard. However, Bolin has found a way to navigate this information overload. He uploads his photographs directly to the internet, sharing them with the world in real-time. Bolin believes that as technology advances, our connection to the biological and spiritual aspects of humanity will deepen, leading to new philosophical questions about life and the soul.

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Embracing Change and Looking to the Future

When asked about his thoughts on the rapid changes happening in society, Bolin remains calm and optimistic. He sees this constant evolution as a natural part of the process of civilization. However, he acknowledges the need to consider the transformative relationship between the human body and technology, especially in the years to come.

As for his own spiritual beliefs, Bolin has transitioned from following Buddhism to identifying as a spiritualist. He believes that spirituality plays a crucial role in his work and helps him connect with people on a deeper level.

Collaboration with Ruinart

Bolin speaks fondly of his collaboration with Ruinart, highlighting the passion and dedication he observed within the team. The project allowed him to witness the team’s unwavering commitment to their craft, akin to the achievements of Ruinart champagne itself. The entire process, from negotiation to photography, took about half a year to complete.

The Future of the Invisible

Looking ahead, Bolin expresses a sense of agency over his artistic journey. He won’t allow time to dictate his next project. Bolin is intrigued by the era of smartphones and intends to continue his “Hacker” series, exploring the fascinating developments of mankind. Additionally, he plans to venture into sculpture and create pieces specifically for the smartphone platform.

As we conclude the interview, it becomes clear that Liu Bolin’s work transcends his own visibility. He is a storyteller, sharing the hidden narratives of others through his art. Each project brings him into a new role, more akin to a multidimensional individual than an actor playing a part.

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To learn more about Liu Bolin and his incredible artwork, visit Caravansarai.