Are you a student with a creative spark? Do you want to make a positive impact on society? If so, the Innovation Award for Ethical Values is the platform for you! This visionary concept celebrates creativity as a catalyst for positive change, specifically towards moral values. Now, until March 28, you have the opportunity to participate in this groundbreaking competition.

I. Bases of the award for Creativity towards ethical values

Creativity knows no boundaries, and this award aims to recognize innovative ideas from all corners of the world. The contest welcomes various creative mediums, including posters, films, trademarks, multimedia products, interior and fashion design, and photography. As long as your masterpiece aligns with ethical values, you are welcome to submit your entry.

The Innovation Award for Ethical Values is not limited to individuals; you can participate as a group of up to three people. So, gather your like-minded friends and embark on this exciting journey together. Remember, the deadline for submissions is on March 28, 2014, so don’t miss the chance to showcase your creative masterpiece.

Innovation Award for Ethical Values

II. How to attend

To ensure fair competition, the award has defined several categories for submissions:

  • Graphics and advertising.
  • Illustrations and animations.
  • Structural design and product design.
  • Interior design and architecture.
  • Fashion and clothing.
  • Cinema and photography.

Your entry must have been created within the 12 months prior to the contest start date. Additionally, you are required to provide a detailed summary of your work, explaining how your creation will convey a positive message and what outcomes you anticipate. Make sure to also fill out the registration form, including your personal details such as your name, instructor’s name, university/faculty name, course and grade, and contact information.

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To submit your work, please ensure it is uploaded in PDF format and does not exceed 15 MB in size. If you have videos, upload them to platforms like YouTube or Vimeo and share the link with the organizers. Anything exceeding the specified size limit will be rejected by the online system, so keep an eye on the file size.

III. Prize

Imagine being invited to attend a privileged awards ceremony at a prestigious gallery in central London! The winning students from each category will have the incredible opportunity to showcase their work at an exhibition and interact with esteemed judges, CCA ambassadors, and renowned creative professionals. This event not only celebrates your creativity but also provides a platform to further hone your skills and make meaningful connections.

For more information about the Innovation Award for Ethical Values and to stay updated, visit the official Caravansarai website.

Now is the time to channel your creativity, embrace ethical values, and be a force for positive change. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to showcase your talent and make a difference in the world. Join the Innovation Award for Ethical Values and let your imagination soar!