Huynh Van Thuan

Huynh Van Thuan, a remarkable artist from Ho Chi Minh City, left a lasting legacy through his exceptional talent in painting and engraving. Born on April 18, 1921, in a family without any artistic background, Thuan discovered his passion for art at a young age. He attended the Gia Dinh School of Practical Fine Arts and later the Indochina College of Fine Arts, where he honed his skills alongside renowned artists like Huynh Van Gam and Tran Quang Lam.

An Artist of the People

Thuan’s paintings truly captured the essence of everyday life in Vietnam. With intricate designs and meticulous attention to detail, his artwork possessed immense artistic value. He also created high-quality propaganda posters during the resistance war, contributing significantly to the development of Vietnamese modern art. Thuan’s works resonated with the Vietnamese people, reflecting their struggles and triumphs in the face of adversity.

A Symbol of Unity: The Union Badge

Union Badge

In 1951, Thuan, together with artist Ton Duc Luong, was entrusted with the task of designing the insignia for the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union. President Ho Chi Minh himself selected Thuan’s sketch, which became the enduring symbol of the youth union. The badge featured a circular shield with green and white stripes as the background, portraying a strong arm holding up the national flag. Thuan’s design perfectly encapsulated the spirit of unity and national pride.

A Touch of Vietnamese Identity: Currency Design

Currency Design

Thuan’s artistic contributions extended to the design of Vietnam’s currency. Alongside painters Le Pha and Bui Trang Chuoc, he meticulously crafted banknotes that showcased the rich cultural heritage of Vietnam. To ensure authenticity and prevent counterfeiting, Thuan painstakingly examined the costumes of ethnic groups, incorporating their unique patterns into the currency designs. His attention to detail and dedication to preserving Vietnamese identity earned him great acclaim.

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A Lasting Legacy

Throughout his career, Thuan received numerous accolades and recognition for his exceptional talent. His paintings were cherished as gifts by President Ho Chi Minh and are showcased in the Vietnam Museum of Fine Arts. Thuan’s artwork has been featured in books and exhibitions across Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. His name is even listed in the Encyclopedia of the former Soviet Union, a testament to his international renown.

Some Works of Huynh Van Thuan

Remembering Huynh Van Thuan

Sadly, on October 18, 2017, Huynh Van Thuan passed away at the age of 97. His contributions to the establishment of the Vietnam Fine Arts Association and the Department of Fine Arts – Ministry of Culture will forever be remembered. Thuan’s life and art serve as an inspiration to aspiring artists, exemplifying true artistic expression and gaining recognition both nationally and internationally.

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