Cách đặt nội thất theo phong thủy giúp gia chủ làm ăn giàu sang

Feng shui holds immense importance in every household. It not only influences our destiny but also serves as a harbinger for the future. To help you comprehend the art of feng shui, Caravansarai brings you a comprehensive guide on furniture placement according to feng shui.

Understanding the Role of Feng Shui in Interior Design

In Asian cultures, especially in our country, designing a house based on feng shui has long captivated the attention of many. Unlike mere superstition, feng shui is a scientific discipline that thoroughly studies the impact it has on our lives.

Since ancient times, even during the inception of our nation, wise kings carefully chose locations with favorable feng shui to establish their capitals. This was done in the hopes of inviting abundant rainfall and gentle breezes. Today, homeowners also take great interest in selecting the direction of their houses, the positioning of the land, and most importantly, the arrangement of furniture to ensure good feng shui, which is believed to bring fortune. A well-designed feng shui house not only promotes harmony and tranquility but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space, creating balance and serenity.

Interior feng shui: how to arrange the rooms in the apartment according to feng shui

Evaluating Interior Feng Shui

To ensure the perfect feng shui for your interiors, it is essential to consider the following criteria:

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Family Agreement

Aligning the furniture with the fate of the homeowner, who holds the power to make decisions, is crucial. When furniture that complements the homeowner’s fate is used, it contributes to a joyful and peaceful ambiance. To create a relaxing space with ideal feng shui, avoid heavy furniture with sharp angles. Instead, opt for vibrant colors and lush green plants to breathe life into your home.

Ample Space

Proper ventilation is a key element of feng shui in interior design. Adequate airflow symbolizes good fortune and prosperity. Pay close attention to the layout of tube-shaped houses, ensuring that wind does not directly blow back into the house. This signifies that fortune arrives but quickly dissipates, failing to accumulate.

Abundant Natural Light

Harnessing natural light sources is essential while arranging your home according to feng shui principles. Natural light not only purifies and freshens the house but also facilitates ventilation. When selecting furniture, accessories, and curtains, avoid opting for thick materials that obstruct the natural light. A well-lit space exudes warmth and vibrancy.

How to choose furniture according to feng shui to bring fortune to the owner

Objects Aligned with Bagua Azimuth

Symbolizing family, marriage, children, work, nobility, money, fame, and knowledge, the bagua trigram plays a significant role in feng shui. If you wish to enhance any specific aspect of your life, ensure that you arrange the corresponding objects in the appropriate bagua position. For example, if you want to boost your wealth, focus on the southeast direction, which represents the wood element. Arrange wooden objects in that area of the house.

Feng Shui Furniture Arrangement for Different Energies

Feng Shui Living Room for Fire Couples

If you belong to the fire element, prioritize warm colors such as red, orange, pink, and purple when designing and decorating your living room. However, if excessive warm tones make you feel uncomfortable, incorporate other colors to strike a balance. For instance, pair green with wooden furniture, such as potted plants, brown accents, and yellow hues. These additions not only maintain the overall feng shui harmony but also infuse your space with eye-catching design solutions.

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A few notes when designing feng shui furniture for the bedroom

Feng Shui Living Room for Metal Couples

For those associated with the metal element, white is a predominant color. To prevent the space from appearing dull, you can incorporate yellow to add vibrancy, as yellow complements the metal element. Use metal or ceramic materials in your furniture arrangements. Additionally, adorn the room with flowers such as Ngoc Lan, Kim Ngan, or Kim Que.

Feng Shui Living Room for Wood Couples

Wood represents growth and nature. Hence, utilize green elements in your interiors and emphasize the abundance of greenery. Complement the design with wooden furniture, such as TV shelves, tables, and chairs. Water, associated with the color blue, belongs to the wood element. Incorporate water features like decorative aquariums and glass bottles to create a harmonious balance in the room.

Feng Shui Living Room for Earth Couples

Earth symbolizes nurturing and has a calming effect. If you belong to the earth element, embrace a color palette dominated by brown and yellow hues. Additionally, warm tones like red, pink, and purple can be incorporated, as fire gives life to the earth. These colors create an atmosphere of peace and gentleness.

How to assemble living room furniture according to feng shui

Feng Shui Living Room for Water Couples

For those connected to the water element, blue is the primary color. Incorporating black accents alongside blue creates an atmosphere of luxury, softness, and mystery. As water is birthed by metal, consider using wood, metal, and glass materials while minimizing the use of ceramics in your decor.


Thank you for joining us on this journey to unravel the secrets of furniture placement according to feng shui. We hope that the knowledge shared here will help you overcome any doubts and challenges you may encounter. Wishing you abundant success in all aspects of your life.