Just arrived home from work, my nephews and nieces ran up to me, curiosity gleaming in their eyes. “Aunt, what is a dream?” one of them asked. I smiled and replied, “Dreams are what you want to be when you grow up.” It struck me how much I adore my profession, as if I was born to be an interior designer.

A Childhood Dream

Allow me to share a story of a young girl who discovered her dream over a decade ago. She asked her mother the same question, seeking guidance on her future aspirations. Inspired by her mother’s response, she spent an entire day pondering her dream. Eventually, she decided to write an essay about it and present it to her classmates the next day. Unfortunately, the result was far from ideal – the whole class burst into laughter. The girl faced further humiliation when her teacher scolded her mother for her careless writing. That night, despite the tears and sniffles, she rewrote the essay. However, her mother’s support and encouragement nurtured her passion for interior design, and she never gave up. That essay became the starting point of her love affair with the profession.


Essay: Writing About My Dream

“I have had many dreams throughout my life. One week, I dreamt of becoming a ‘hunter’ like the protagonist in ‘Little Red Riding Hood,’ then I wanted to be a toast seller for a day. There was also the time I met a breeder at the market, who had the most adorable piglets. From that moment, I dreamed of becoming a breeder myself. However, after careful consideration, I discovered my real passion – wood sanding.

Next to my house, there was a small wood shop where an older brother used to sit and rub wood. Intrigued, I approached him, and he told me about the art of sanding wood – making it smoother and more beautiful. At first, I saw nothing but a rough wooden stick, but in the hands of a craftsman, it became something exquisite. The scent of fresh wood filled the air. The older brother warned me that wood sanding required meticulous attention and care. I fell in love with the process, and from that moment, I knew I would become a professional wood sander.”

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Wood Sander

A Naive Dream

Reflecting on these childhood memories, I realize how naive and innocent my dreams were. However, they were also the first steps that ignited my endless fascination with interiors.

Until the fifth grade, I cherished that little dream. I spent my time at the wood shop, playing and collecting small pieces of wood. I would then glue them together to create a house, a table, a chair, a swing, or a fence. Unlike other girls who played with dolls and jumped rope, I indulged myself in my own dream world. I envisioned living in a white wooden house with a sprawling garden and a large swimming pool adorned with a white swing. This dream consumed me until circumstances forced me to move away.

Dream World

A Secret Passion

Sent to a boarding school by my family, I lost myself in frustration and sadness. I poured my heart into drawings during that time. When I saw grandiose houses in the newspaper, I would grab a pencil and paper and start drawing. The act of drawing brought tranquility to my soul. Suddenly, the things I drew took on a life of their own. One day, I became so engrossed in drawing during class that I failed to notice my teacher standing beside me for a long time. Little did I know that my drawing session had landed me in trouble. I was scolded and required to report my artistic “crimes” to my parents at the end of the month. It was a dreadful experience. My parents forbade me from drawing, and all my materials were confiscated. To them, drawing seemed like a frivolous pastime that wouldn’t contribute to my future success. Despite their disapproval, I continued to draw in secret, hiding my artworks where no one could find them. This passion had taken root deep within my soul, and nothing could extinguish it.

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Artistic Soul

A Journey of Discovery

During high school, I developed a hobby for crafting handmade items. I stumbled upon an unconventional way to decorate a bedroom online and decided to give it a try. I chose a day when my family was away and set out to transform my room in secret. The journey was filled with trials and setbacks – hammering fingers and misfired pins – but I persevered. By the end of the day, I had created a bedroom that was vibrant, fun, and full of life. When my family returned, they were surprised, but they couldn’t deny that the room looked much better than before. Encouraged by this success, I embarked on bigger projects, creating shelves, chairs, window frames, picture frames, and hangers using scrap wood from carpentry shops. Unbeknownst to me, my love for furniture was blossoming. I couldn’t imagine a life without it.

Passion for Furniture

Pursuing My Passion

As the time for university entrance exams approached, my parents insisted that I study economics and contribute to the family business. They had even prepared the necessary application documents, waiting for my signature. However, I knew deep down that I couldn’t abandon my dream. I took matters into my own hands, secretly applying to an art school instead of taking the economics exam. When I discovered that I had been accepted into the interior design program, my family was furious. They blamed me for choosing my own happiness and suffering. Without their support, I ventured into the unknown, determined to turn my passion into reality. I recently graduated and secured a job in interior design. The challenges are daunting, just as my family predicted, but the joy of waking up every morning to live and breathe my passion outweighs any hardship. I will continue to pursue my dreams until I achieve success.

Chasing Dreams

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