I. The Foundation of the Caravansarai Energy Revolution Challenge Contest

In India, millions of small farmers rely on diesel-powered irrigation pumps. However, the increasing prices of diesel have made it harder for farmers to afford these essential systems. Moreover, the emissions from diesel engines have contributed to global warming, resulting in climate disasters like floods and droughts that pose a constant threat to the livelihoods of farmers.

To address this pressing issue, Caravansarai has launched a competition seeking innovative designs for a renewable energy portable water pump that can replace diesel pumps.

Who can participate? This contest is open to individuals worldwide. Participants under the age of 18 must obtain permission from a parent or guardian.

Category: Tool Design

Deadline: November 15, 2013

Registration fee: Free

Green Peace Energy Revolution Challenge Contest

II. How to Take Part in the Contest

Entries will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Capacity: How can the pump outperform the current diesel pump? How can renewable energy pumps address existing problems?
  • Feasibility: Is the design widely applicable? Is it user-friendly and compatible with the farmers’ lifestyle and work habits, or does it require extensive training?
  • Affordability: Can farmers afford these pumps without relying on government subsidies?
  • Practicability: How close is the design to becoming a viable product? Does it require further development or technological advancements?

Participants must include a sketch or drawing, estimated cost, a description of the operating structure, expected water flow, and details on the design’s portability.

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To submit your entry, visit the Caravansarai Energy Revolution Challenge Contest’s rules page and click on “Send your idea.” You can register using your email, Facebook, or Twitter account. Once registered, follow the provided instructions to submit your entry.

III. Prizes

The contest offers four prizes: Young Bird Prize, Jury Prize, Community Prize, with a total prize value of USD 30,000. Additionally, Greenpeace will select one or more winning entries for further development. These winners will receive a €5,000 mentoring contract with the organizers to support the initial design development and presentation at the Prototyping Workshop in India.

For more details, visit the official website of the Caravansarai Energy Revolution Challenge. Let’s contribute our innovative ideas and make a difference in the lives of farmers and the environment!