Fabian Oefner cuts and reassembles the cameras to reveal his inner beauty

Do you ever wonder what lies beneath the surface of everyday objects? Fabian Oefner, the master of dissecting and rearranging, has a talent for revealing the hidden beauty within. In his latest collection, titled “CutUp,” Oefner takes us on a journey to explore the captivating world of cameras, showcasing their inner workings in a whole new light.

A Visionary Deconstruction

Fabian Oefner’s fascination with deconstruction is no secret. He has previously mesmerized us with his split portraits, capturing the moment of impact as if each subject were struck by a bullet. Now, he delves even deeper into the world of dissecting objects and images, reconstructing them into stunning new works that possess both enhanced aesthetics and functionality.

Fabian Oefner CutUp

The Artful Fusion

“CutUp” showcases Oefner’s distinctive combination of high and low technology products. To bring this collection to life, Oefner employs a unique process involving a vacuum and a pressure chamber. These tools delicately mold the cut sections of the cameras into transparent plastic blocks, preserving their original essence.

Fabian Oefner CutUp

Rather than relying on modern precision tools, Oefner opts for a more traditional approach. With an old-fashioned saw in hand, he skillfully dissects the cameras, cutting through their casings, internal components, and lenses. Each individual slice is then meticulously polished by hand, assembled into innovative shapes, and finally embedded in resin to create the captivating sculptures that define “CutUp.”

Fabian Oefner CutUp

From Tool to Art

For Oefner, cameras hold a special significance beyond their functionality as photographic tools. In his earlier work, the camera was merely a means to an end, a tool to capture his creative vision. However, “CutUp” elevates the camera itself to the status of art. Through his masterful deconstruction and reassembly, Oefner unveils the hidden beauty of these seemingly ordinary objects, transforming them into mesmerizing works of art.

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Fabian Oefner CutUp

The “CutUp” collection by Fabian Oefner offers a unique perspective on the convergence of technology and artistic ingenuity. It challenges us to see familiar objects in a new light, appreciating the artistry that lies beneath their surface. So, next time you pick up your camera, take a moment to ponder the intricate beauty within, just like Oefner does with his mesmerizing sculptures.

To learn more about Fabian Oefner and his extraordinary “CutUp” collection, visit Caravansarai.