Do you believe in the power of dreams? Elie Saab does, and his journey as a fashion genius is a testament to the wonders that can unfold when passion and dedication collide. From humble beginnings to global recognition, Saab’s story is one of triumph and the pursuit of excellence. Let’s delve into his world and uncover the magic behind the “Colours of Dawn” dress designer.

A Creative Spirit Blossoms

At the tender age of nine, Saab embarked on his artistic journey by cutting patterns from magazines and transforming them into beautiful dresses using whatever materials he could find. As a teenager, he lovingly crafted clothes for his sisters, relatives, friends, and even his entire family. It was clear that his talent was meant to shine.

A Dream to Make His Country Proud

Guided by his dreams, Saab embarked on a career that would enrich his life and make his country proud.
“In fact, I had been in business long before I officially started,” says Saab. He attended a fashion course in Paris before returning to Lebanon at the age of 18. In 1982, he opened his own factory in Beirut and introduced the world to his first collection.

The Rise of a Fashion Icon

Saab’s talent soon garnered attention, and his designs graced the bodies of women in his hometown. Despite the challenging circumstances of that time, Saab never lost hope. “I had dreams and hopes for a better life,” he reminisces.

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Elie Saab

A Sublime Revolution

Saab’s reputation transcended borders when Halle Berry wore one of his dresses to receive her historic Oscar in 2002. It was the first Academy Award ever won by a woman of color. The burgundy taffeta dress, adorned with sheer chiffon and delicate floral embroidery, gracefully embraced Halle Berry’s beauty.

In 2006, Saab became the first Arab designer to join the esteemed Haute Couture Union Chamber in Paris, officially introducing the world to the marvels of Middle Eastern haute couture. This prestigious accolade solidified his position as a true fashion icon.

Halle Berry Wearing Elie Saab

Designs Fit for Royalty

Saab’s creations have captured hearts worldwide, including those of royalty. Queen Rania of Jordan donned an exquisite Saab gown for her coronation. Adorned with 2,000 carats of emeralds and 400 carats of diamonds, this masterpiece sold for an astounding $2.4 million to an anonymous bride from the Middle Eastern aristocracy.

Saab’s designs seamlessly blend the essence of the Middle East with the allure of the West. They celebrate the aspirations of modern Arab women, emphasizing classic silhouettes that accentuate the bust, waist, and hips. Intricate embroidery, jewels, flowing layers, and impeccable craftsmanship define his signature style.

Queen Rania Wearing Elie Saab

The Architect of Fashion

Nicknamed the “King of Curves,” Saab is an expert in sequins, silk, and stunning design. Surprisingly, in his personal life, he prefers clean lines and a minimalist approach.
“I like things that are neat and straight,” says Saab. “When I design, I study the curves of women and create elegant dresses for them. I see myself more as an architect than a fashion designer.”

Elie Saab Design

Attire for the Stars

Saab’s creations are often seen embracing the spotlight on the red carpet, adorning celebrities with elegance and sophistication. From BeyoncĂ© to Joss Stone and even Queen Rania of Jordan, prominent figures from the world of entertainment and royalty proudly wear Saab’s designs. His exquisite craftsmanship fuses luxury and allure, making his dresses truly standout.

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Milla Jovovich Wearing Elie Saab
Milla Jovovich in an Elie Saab creation at the 84th Annual Academy Awards

Captivating Collections

Now, let’s dive into some of Elie Saab’s extraordinary collections that have left fashion enthusiasts in awe.

Paris Fashion Week 2012 – Luxury Collection for a Sweet Spring

Inspired by fairy tales, Elie Saab’s Spring 2012 collection was a tribute to modern princesses. The delicate interplay of satin, lace, and ethereal colors brought a warm and magical ambiance to the runway. The collection showcased intricate patterns that gracefully accentuated the curves of the body, capturing the essence of a sweet and poetic spring.

Elie Saab Spring 2012

Spring-Summer 2014 Collection

In his Spring-Summer 2014 collection, Saab ventured into the realm of youth fashion. The designs featured floating silhouettes created with luxurious fabrics such as silk, cotton, and lace. The collection exuded elegance and sophistication while presenting contemporary elements like diagonal lines, asymmetrical skirts, and wide sleeves. Evening and cocktail dresses tantalized with high slits, long-sleeved capes, and dazzling beaded embellishments.

Elie Saab Spring-Summer 2014

Unveiling Dreamlike Bridal Couture

Elie Saab’s wedding dress collections are a testament to timeless romance and breathtaking beauty. His designs epitomize meticulous attention to detail, creating an irresistible charm with classic waist structures. Luxurious pastel shades and stunning colors intertwine with patterns and materials to create ethereal and unforgettable wedding gowns.

Elie Saab Wedding Dresses

Embrace the Magic of Elie Saab

Elie Saab’s journey is an inspiration to aspiring designers and dreamers alike. His passion, innovation, and unwavering commitment to excellence have propelled him to the pinnacle of the fashion world. With each dress he creates, Saab skillfully weaves dreams into reality, allowing women to embrace their own unique elegance and beauty.

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