Welcome to Caravansarai, where we showcase extraordinary architectural designs that push boundaries and inspire us all. In this edition, we present the remarkable Duyen Ha House, a dwelling that beautifully combines modern elegance with natural elements. Let’s dive into the captivating world of Nguyen Thanh Trung Architects and explore the unique features of this remarkable home.


Blending Nature and Living Space

Located in the vibrant city of Thanh Tri, Hanoi, the Duyen Ha House is a small, one-story haven designed to accommodate a family of three. Engulfed by the enchanting allure of Vietnam’s humid tropical monsoon climate, the architects sought to create a space that embraces freshness and fosters the gentle flow of natural wind. Their solution? Two stunning patios strategically positioned to facilitate easy air circulation throughout the living space.


Harmonizing Indoor and Outdoor Living

To create a seamless transition between the indoors and the outdoors, the architects employed two large glass panels that blur the boundaries, allowing nature to permeate the living space. The front patio with its elevated roof of 2.4 meters and the rear patio extending by 1.5 meters provide the perfect blend of shelter and open-air freedom while minimizing direct sunlight on the glass panels during scorching summers.


Privacy and Tranquility

Respecting the need for privacy, the design cleverly separates the living space from the office, bedroom, and bathroom areas through a magnificent 2.2-meter tall concrete wall. This barrier not only grants solitude but also aids in cooling the house during the blazing summer months. The roof features an additional layer specifically designed to deflect direct sunlight, ensuring maximum comfort within the home.

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A Living Experience

Immersed within the delightful dining room, a grapefruit tree stands as a symbol of vitality, promising blooming beauty come spring. This lively companion will grow alongside the family, nurturing shared memories and witnessing the growth of their child. The grapefruit tree warmly embraces this small family as a cherished member of their tranquil abode.



The Duyen Ha House, a testament to visionary architecture, captures the essence of contemporary living amidst Vietnam’s natural wonders. Its elegant concrete walls and strategic design elements create a harmonious coexistence between nature and modernity. Join us at Caravansarai as we continue to explore remarkable architectural wonders that redefine living spaces. Discover more about the Duyen Ha House and other captivating designs at Caravansarai.