Lek Chi is the opening designer for the third show of Vietnam Designers Fashion Week 2016


Name: Le Kim Chi
Birthdate: 5/4/1983
Specialized: Lacquer-Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts
Job: Wedding dress designer
Commercial brand: Lek Chi bridal


For every girl, a fairy dream is incomplete without a wedding dress. And Designer Lek Chi is the strong woman who brings that dream to life. With her expertise and creativity, she crafts wedding dresses that capture the essence of every girl’s fantasy.

I Believe That the Profession Chooses People


She is a successful and multi-talented designer in the field of wedding dress design. But her journey wasn’t always smooth. Lek Chi had initially studied design, but quickly realized it wasn’t her true calling. However, life brought her back to the world of design. Growing up around her mother’s wedding dress photography shop, she felt a deep connection to the magic of creating dresses that become an essential part of a girl’s most important moments.

Her Path to Fashion Is Not Easy and Lined with Roses

Fashion has traditionally been dominated by men, but women like Lek Chi are changing the narrative. They are bringing their own unique perspective and empowering women through fashion. Lek Chi is a modern wedding dress designer who understands the desires of women. But building her brand from scratch was not easy. She faced numerous challenges and setbacks, but her determination and passion fueled her journey towards success.

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“I’m the One Who Gives Girls the Dress They’ve Wanted Their Entire Lives”


Lek Chi’s wedding dresses are a testament to her creativity and attention to detail. Her designs are soft, delicate, and feminine, with a touch of sensuality. The highlight of her dresses is the intricately designed back, which adds an extra allure when the bride turns to leave. Lek Chi understands the significance of a wedding dress in a bride’s life and strives to make each dress unique and special.

The Journey of Lek Chi Bridal

Lek Chi Bridal has become a beloved and trusted wedding dress brand thanks to Lek Chi’s personal touch. Every design is a product of her own imagination and expertise. Her dedication to craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail sets her dresses apart from the rest. Customers can instantly recognize the spirit of her dresses in every little detail.

A Record-Breaking Achievement


In the 2014 Bridal Fair program, Lek Chi presented a record-breaking wedding dress that showcased her creativity and craftsmanship. The dress was crafted using 560 meters of high-quality satin, chiffon, tulle, lace, and thousands of stars embroidered with lace and sparkling crystals. It was a true masterpiece that left everyone in awe of her talent.

Fall-Winter 2016 Bridal Collection: Lek Chi & Her Colorless Adventure


Lek Chi’s latest collection, Fall-Winter 2016 Bridal Collection: Lek Chi & Her Colorless Adventure, is a testament to her creativity and vision. The collection features a variety of shapes and styles, giving young girls numerous dream options. Each dress is meticulously crafted, with exquisite handmade details and hundreds of different kinds of beads. Lek Chi’s dresses exude a pure white elegance that captivates every bride.

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Through her constant efforts and creativity, Lek Chi is redefining the role of women in the fashion industry. Her designs not only fulfill every girl’s fairy dream but also empower women to embrace their individuality and express their unique style. With Lek Chi Bridal, she continues to create dresses that embody the dreams and aspirations of every bride.