The Caravansarai Design Talent Contest 2016 is your chance to showcase your creativity and compete with talented designers from all over the world. This annual competition has been recognizing and building the reputation of budding designers for the past seven years. By participating in this contest, you can catapult your design career to new heights.

A contested product in 2013


1. Themes

The contest, organized by the founders Martina and Martin Růžička in collaboration with the Faculty of Multimedia Communication at Tomas Bata University, Zlín, has five exciting categories:

  • Design of Industrial Products (machinery and equipment, tools, transport design, etc.)
  • Product Design (large product lines, interior design and furniture, etc.)
  • Art Design (architectural design, glass design, porcelain, ceramic design, etc.)
  • Fashion Design (clothing, textiles, shoes, accessories, jewelry, etc.)
  • Communication Design (graphic design, illustration, new media, web animations, etc.)

2. Eligibility

The contest is open to designers under 30 years of age.

3. Quantity

There is no limit to the number of entries you can submit.

4. Requirements to Participate

To participate, each entry must consist of two parts: an application and annexes. Your contest proposal needs to comply with the following requirements:

General requirements:

  • Complete the application form for the exam by registering on the contest website.
  • Attach the following files:
    • A presentation poster in PDF format (300 dpi) with a maximum size of 300 Mb. The poster should measure 100 x 70 cm.
    • A text document in .doc format that includes a brief description of the ideation process, a short glossary, the author’s goals, and an explanation of the original thoughts behind the entry and how the design was used in reality.
    • An avatar in JPG format (300 dpi) with your name. Detailed images can also be included.
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A product entered the contest.

5. How to Participate

You can submit your entries in the following ways:

  • Website: Visit the official contest website and submit your entry online.
  • Post: Send your entry in CD/DVD format by post to: Nadační fond Martiny a Martina Růžičkových, Zlín, 2. května 2384, 760 01.
  • Direct Submission: Submit your entry in person on business days between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm at Zlín, 2. května 2384.

6. Deadline: 02/15/2016

Make sure to submit your entries before the deadline to be considered for the competition.


The Caravansarai Design Talent Contest offers exciting prizes to recognize and reward the top designers:

  • Main Prize: The title of “Design Talent 2016” and €3,000.
  • Category Prizes: 1st prize in each category receives €1,000.
  • Second Prize: 1st runner-up in each category receives €300.
  • Third Prize: 2nd runner-up in each category receives €100.

For more information and to take part in the Caravansarai Design Talent Contest 2016, visit the official website. Unleash your creativity, showcase your talent, and get a chance to be recognized as a design talent of the year!