I. The Educational Displacement Contest – Pioneering Learning Innovation for the 21st Century

At Caravansarai, we invite imaginative thinkers, problem solvers, dreamers, and pragmatists to revolutionize the concept of secondary learning environments. Education is on the move, and we eagerly anticipate submissions that explore the power of movement in secondary schools, fostering children’s physical and mental well-being while enhancing their hands-on learning experience.

All individuals or groups who are passionate about education are welcome to participate in the contest.

The designs can take the form of physical products, interior or architectural projects, user interfaces or applications, tools for educators, innovative strategies for attitude change, service design resolutions, or communication campaigns.

Deadline: November 15, 2013

Registration fee: It’s free!


II. How to Join

To participate, your entries must include a handwritten description and one of the following formats:

  • Text: Summarize each stage and describe the insights and research that inspired your final idea. The text should not exceed 500 words and must be submitted in either Microsoft Word or Open Office files.

  • Photos: Include 6 A4-sized photos with a resolution of 300dpi in .jpg format. These images can consist of photographs, graphics, drawings, samples, or anything that effectively explains your creative process and final idea. Captions for the images should be provided in a separate Word document.

  • Movie: Create a movie or cartoon, lasting no longer than 3 minutes, to tell your story and demonstrate your idea. Please ensure that the movie follows either the .mov or .mp4 format.

  • Design: Prepare 3 high-resolution PDF files that provide a detailed explanation of your research and articulate your ideas.

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Items to Consider:

  • Environment: A learning environment incorporates various elements such as furniture, lighting, sound, space, and materials. How can these components be reimagined to create a more flexible learning space?

  • Education: Teachers teach, and students learn individually or in groups. How can we develop 21st century learning spaces that effectively support these interactions?

  • Communication: Learning tools span from traditional pencils to advanced tablets. How can we use both low-tech and high-tech devices to facilitate the development, storage, and sharing of knowledge, all while promoting movement in education?

  • Community: Within the classroom, school, and broader community, diverse individuals with unique experiences, backgrounds, and needs come together. How can we utilize movement to foster unity among people?

III. Prize

The total prize value is 15,000 euros. The overall winner or team will receive 5,000 euros, while 10,000 euros will be awarded to those with exceptional ideas.

For more information about the contest, visit the official website of the Educational Displacement: Innovation for Learning in the 21st Century contest.