Architecture: HUNI Architects

Area: 375m2

Project year: 2019

Image: Princestudio

Production: Hafele, Jotun, Babakagu, Bien Phuc Smarthome, Bravat, Gia Vo Furniture, Smart Windows, Thien Thien Nhan, Vien Dong Stone, Vinapool

Architect in charge: Duong Viet Hung

Design team: Huni Architectes

Client: MR. Mandarin

Engineering: Huni Architects

Landscaping: Huni Architectes

Consultant: Huni Architects

Image of Coral Villa

Welcome to Coral Villa, a remarkable family weekend getaway nestled in the scenic curves of Da Nang Bay. Influenced by the tropical climate of the region, this architectural marvel seamlessly blends with nature and adapts to its surroundings. Inspired by the captivating beauty of local corals, Coral Villa stands as a testament to architectural ingenuity and a sustainable lifestyle.

Embracing the Local Climate

Every detail of Coral Villa has been thoughtfully designed to embrace the local climate while preserving user privacy. The facade of the villa showcases intricate coral patterns, meticulously crafted using fiber cement panels. These panels serve as a sustainable filter, allowing refreshing sea breezes to flow through while protecting the interior from the intensity of the sun.

Coral Villa

Harmonizing with Nature

The architects considered the seasonal climate and sun angles to ensure a harmonious blend of nature and architecture. In summer, trees strategically planted inside and outside the building help prevent heat gain from the sun. The front of the villa features local natural wood and stone, not only reducing heat absorption but also creating a striking aesthetic. In winter, the backyard is designed to provide a sheltered sanctuary, shielding guests from the elements and minimizing aircraft noise.

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Coral Villa

A Playful and Unique Structure

One of the defining characteristics of Coral Villa is its unique shape and spatial arrangement. While the overall form is based on simple shapes, the villa utilizes innovative leveling techniques to create dynamic and playful functional spaces. The first level is dedicated to entertaining, the second level serves as a common space for the family, and the third level provides a private living area. Situated in an idyllic location, surrounded by a vast and open natural environment, Coral Villa seamlessly connects with the voice of nature.

Coral Villa

Serenity Facing the Sea

The main spaces of Coral Villa face the majestic sea, inviting an abundance of natural light and gentle breezes. While embracing a modern European style, the interior design showcases brilliant shapes and materials. Carefully selected trees are strategically incorporated throughout the building, complementing the blue Napoli marble cladding and creating an atmosphere that exudes freshness without compromising the villa’s distinct personality.

Coral Villa

Immerse yourself in the allure of Coral Villa, where architecture harmonizes with nature, creating a haven that celebrates the unique charm of local corals. For more information about Caravansarai and to discover exquisite architectural wonders like Coral Villa, visit Caravansarai.