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Classic interior design has a captivating charm that leaves a lasting impression. If you’re considering decorating your home in a classic style, let’s explore the essence and allure of this timeless aesthetic.

What is the Classic Interior Style?

The classic interior design style is characterized by its adherence to strict principles of balance and symmetry. It features intricate details and timeless beauty, with arches and lines that exude sophistication. Elaborate moldings and patterns adorn the space, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship.

Choosing home decoration in classic style, what do you think?

Gold and silver plating techniques are often employed in classic interiors, adding a touch of luxury and delicacy. However, it’s important to employ these details with skill to avoid overwhelming the aesthetics of the space and causing discomfort to its admirers.

Characteristics of the Classic Style

2.1 Color

The classic style predominantly features yellow and white as its main colors. The combination of these hues creates an airy and spacious ambiance. Yellow invokes a cozy and romantic feeling, while white imparts a sense of delicacy and purity.

Choosing home decoration in classic style, what do you think?

Additional colors such as olive green, red, light gray, and beige pink are often used to enhance the individuality of the homeowner. These colors are deployed with varying levels of intensity depending on their intended purpose.

When choosing elements for the room, it’s essential to consider their colors in relation to the walls and ceiling. Opting for items with colors that harmonize with the overall color scheme creates a sense of unity and elevates the room’s beauty.

2.2 Material


Wood is a quintessential material in classic style decor. It’s commonly utilized for tables, chairs, kitchen shelves, floors, and door frames, seamlessly blending with every nook and corner of the house.

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Classic wooden bed - Outstanding advantages of a classic wooden bed model?


Plaster is a versatile material that adds delicate lines to the classic interior. It is frequently present in works that feature ceilings and walls, complementing other materials and enhancing the overall beauty of the house.

Choosing home decoration in classic style, what do you think?

Natural Stone

Natural stone, such as marble and granite, is widely used in contemporary classic style designs. The rich patterns and polished surfaces of natural stone contribute to the overall beauty of the space. It is commonly used for kitchen countertops, sinks, shelves, floors, and walls. It’s important to choose a non-slip variety of natural stone to ensure safety.

Choosing home decoration in classic style, what do you think?


Glass is an indispensable material in the classical style. It adds a distinctive sparkle and is often employed for candle holders, vases, wine glasses, and other decorative elements.

Choosing home decoration in classic style, what do you think?

Metallic Luster

Metals, such as gold and copper, play a prominent role in classic spaces. They are often plated onto interior elements or used in the elaboration of certain pieces, such as table lamps and chandeliers, infusing the space with an aristocratic touch.

Choosing home decoration in classic style, what do you think?


Shiny leather and suede are also commonly used in classic style decor. Leather is a popular choice for sofas, chairs, and other furniture pieces, combining durability with easy maintenance and retaining its original beauty.

Choosing home decoration in classic style, what do you think?


Symmetry is a hallmark of classical design style. Deliberate arrangement of details creates a sense of balance, instantly recognizable in classically inspired works.

While complete symmetry is not always necessary, certain areas, such as the fireplace in front of a wall-mounted TV or the tea table, can be strategically designed to maintain a cohesive look. By selecting colors and patterns that correspond to the overall theme, the space achieves harmony and resolves any potential design challenges.

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The arched dome and floating molding are another distinctive feature of classical architecture. The arched dome provides structural support while imparting a sense of elegance to the building. The intricate detailing of the floating moldings, carved from plaster, adds a touch of grandeur to the home.

The Relationship of Space

The classical style achieves remarkable harmony in spatial relationships through the artful combination of objects of various shapes and sizes. The use of large furniture pieces, such as sofas, fireplaces, staircases, and beds, imbues the room with an air of elegance, luxury, and refined taste, elevating the status of its inhabitants.

By thoughtfully selecting and placing objects, confusion and clutter are effectively avoided, ensuring a sense of spaciousness and tranquility.

Decorative Details

Exquisite and intricate patterns are central to classic style decor. Elaborate designs with meticulous attention to detail are popular in interior elements such as sofas, beds, shelves, and curtains. The use of rounded edges creates a soft and inviting aesthetic.

Choosing home decoration in classic style, what do you think?

Mixing Styles: Classic with a Twist

Mixing a different style with the classic can create a captivating blend of aesthetics. The classic style is characterized by sophisticated decorative motifs and smooth curves. Elaborately patterned drawings can be found on items such as sofas, beds, shelves, and curtains. Careful attention is given to the lines, which are often rounded to create a sense of softness.

European and Scandinavian classics can be combined to achieve a perfect synthesis of styles. Chandeliers in the classical European style add brightness and an aristocratic touch, while interiors and decorative patterns further highlight the classic European style’s elegance.

Choosing home decoration in classic style, what do you think?

A home designed in the classic style not only showcases the owner’s prosperity and wealth but also exudes warmth, tranquility, and peacefulness, creating an ideal living space.

Choosing home decoration in classic style, what do you think?

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