Bohinc Studio Unveils Stunning Collection Inspired by 18th Century Townhouse Space

Designer Lara Bohinc has launched a remarkable furniture collection inspired by the theme of 18th-century townhouse space. The collection was unveiled in a 200-year-old house in London’s King’s Cross and has quickly become the talk of the town.

A Celestial Design Experience

The collection, specially created for the London Design Festival, features a distinctive Bohinc color scheme, with the sky’s shape and colors as the primary inspiration. The furniture and homeware pieces showcase the seamless fusion of aesthetic beauty and astronomical elements.

The chair simulates the orbit of Saturn in the solar system

Homage to Astrological Events

The highlight of the collection is the home kit, which includes two boxes and a vase, paying homage to the conjunction of Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn – a captivating astrological event set to take place in January 2020. The Saturn and Pluto box, with its interlocking circular bronze compartments and exquisite marble tops, is a true testament to Bohinc’s craftsmanship.

Three interlocking round boxes create the shapes of Saturn and Pluto

Meanwhile, the Jupiter vase, cleverly designed to symbolize optimism, adds a burst of rainbow-like shapes to the collection. Crafted using 3D milling technology and carrara marble, it showcases a three-dimensional form that truly stands out.

Jupiter vase on a marble base with 3D milling technology

Embracing Depth and Roundness

Lara Bohinc’s innovative approach is evident in the collection’s technique. Instead of settling for flat, two-dimensional designs, she creates depth and roundness that mimic reality. The challenges that come with working with marble have not deterred her. On the contrary, they have inspired her to push the boundaries of her craft.

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Four different types of marble give the Juno box a distinctive character

A Cosmic Journey at Lunar House

To bring her vision to life, Bohinc transformed the kitchen of an 18th-century townhouse in the King’s Cross area into Lunar House, a space simulation. Adorned in shades of petrol blue, the house features classic Victorian architecture with modern twists. Columns and planetary-themed furniture add a touch of elegance, making Lunar House an enchanting destination.

Apollo Loveseat and Globe Lamp Contrast Planetarium Combination with Petrol Blue Interior

A Launch that Speaks to the Soul

Unlike traditional trade shows, Bohinc chose to unveil her work in a more intimate setting to allow people to experience the soul of each piece. The launch also provides an opportunity to engage multiple senses, combining sight, sound, and even smell. Bohinc’s Pandora phonograph emits calming sounds recorded by NASA during space studies, while the scent of Twisted Iris perfume fills the air, evoking the essence of nature that astronauts long for.

The Apolo armchair and the Planetaria backlight harmonize with the common space

Exploring Boundaries and Beyond

Bohinc’s love for celestial wonders extends beyond this collection. Her recent works include tables inspired by planetary orbits and spherical chairs that bear her name. For her, the universe represents an escape from reality. It is a constant, ever-changing throughout history, yet timeless within our own lifetimes.

Celestial Chair and Planetary Spherical Lamp

Bohinc Studio’s collection is a testament to the endless possibilities that can emerge when art, design, and the wonders of the universe intertwine. To discover more about Caravansarai and their extraordinary offerings, visit Caravansarai.