Welcome to An’s House, a hidden gem nestled on the border between Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City, and Tay Ninh Province. This serene residence embodies the beauty of traditional architecture while harmonizing with the surrounding natural landscape. Designed by the esteemed G+ Architects, An’s House is a testament to the allure of countryside living. Let’s take a closer look!

A Rural Oasis amidst Urban Growth

As the rural area experiences a wave of transformation with the emergence of high-tech farms, An’s House stands as a tranquil refuge. With rapid population growth and the desire to escape the bustling cities, urbanites are drawn to the allure of rural life. However, this influx of new housing models has greatly impacted the traditional way of living, endangering the harmony between nature and the local population. The once vast rice fields, coconut palms, and areca trees are slowly disappearing.

A Testament to Family Legacy

Born out of the vision to preserve family traditions spanning three generations, Casa An was designed as a sanctuary where grandparents, parents, and great-grandchildren can gather and strengthen their bond. The house is a testament to the hope that the son will carry forward and inherit the timeless manor house, creating enduring memories and connection for years to come.

A Symphony of Space

An’s House encompasses a traditional layout, with a worship hall meticulously rebuilt from the original structure erected in the 1980s. Connected to the worship hall is the living house, united by a corridor and gracefully separated by a serene lake. The house spans an impressive area of 2000m2, embracing the concept of openness, inviting the gentle breeze from the outside and merging seamlessly with the interior through the central lake.

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The Heart of Gathering

The kitchen and dining room serve as the transition spaces between the worship area and the living room, creating a harmonious flow. The corridor and living room, designed as open spaces, act as a bridge, connecting the bedrooms of the grandparents, parents, and grandchildren. While the bedrooms offer privacy, they also foster close communication with shared spaces such as the corridor, lake, patio, dining room, and kitchen, allowing family members to connect effortlessly.

Cherished Heritage

An’s House exudes warmth and character with its carefully chosen furnishings, many over half a century old. These cherished items have been lovingly passed down through the generations, transforming them into family treasures. The epitome of sustainability, the house blends seamlessly with the seasonal rice fields and neighboring melon plantations. This tranquil setting fulfills the owner’s desire for a peaceful retreat surrounded by nature.

Bringing together timeless design and a deep respect for tradition, An’s House captivates with its understated elegance. If you’re yearning for a haven in the midst of nature, explore the picturesque beauty of An’s House at Caravansarai.