Enhancing Your Computer Experience with the Best Trackpads


Trackpad mice built into laptops are convenient, but what if you want a more versatile option? Enter the removable trackpad. These devices offer multi-touch gestures and customizable actions to save time and effort. However, the high cost has made optical mice more popular. In this article, we’ll explore the top six trackpads for 2019 that are worth considering.

6 best trackpads for 2019

Apple Magic Trackpad 2: The Gold Standard of Touch Mice

The Apple Magic Trackpad 2, despite its lower configuration compared to the original version, reigns supreme in the world of touch mice. Compatible exclusively with macOS, this device keeps your hand in a natural flat position as you tap and glide on its ultra-smooth glass surface. It supports all the gestures you can perform on a MacBook trackpad, and its Force Touch technology allows for precise control. With a seamless Bluetooth connection and quick charging via the Lightning port, once you’ve tried this touch mouse, you’ll never want to go back to an optical mouse.

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Apple Magic Trackpad 2

Jelly Comb Trackpad Mouse: A Natural Alternative to Traditional Mice

Jelly Comb might not be a household name, but their trackpad mouse offers a great alternative to conventional optical mice. Compatible only with Windows, this device boasts multi-touch capabilities and full gesture support akin to the Magic Trackpad. Taking design cues from Apple, Jelly Comb offers a low profile design with a smooth enamel surface, providing users with a pleasant tactile experience.

Jelly Comb Trackpad Mouse

Perixx Peripad 504: A Durable and Functional Option

For those who require durability and functionality, the Perixx Peripad 504 is an excellent choice. While both size options are easy to use, we recommend the larger version. Its spacious touch area allows for comfortable scrolling, navigation, and a variety of multi-touch gestures. With super-responsive physical buttons for left and right-clicking, this trackpad is perfect for content production studios where reliability is key.

Perixx Peripad 504

Microsoft Arc Mouse: Versatility and Comfort Combined

Although it may resemble a traditional optical mouse, the Microsoft Arc Mouse is designed to offer the same convenience as a touch mouse. By tapping, clicking, and sliding your finger across its smooth surface, you can interact with your Windows PC effortlessly. The unique feature of this mouse is its flexibility, allowing you to bend it for a more comfortable grip. Plus, with a budget-friendly price and high-quality hardware, the Microsoft Arc Mouse is a steal.

Microsoft Arc Mouse

Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard: Space-Saving Touchpad Experience

For those with limited desk space, the Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard offers a practical solution. This Bluetooth device features a built-in touchpad that is sufficient for most common tasks. Supporting multi-touch gestures and ensuring secure wireless connections, this keyboard is perfect for PCs and Smart TVs. The only downside is that it requires two AA batteries for power.

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Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard

Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard: Convenience in One Device

Another all-in-one option is the Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch Keyboard. With a slightly smaller touchpad than Microsoft’s offering, this keyboard still provides an exceptional experience. Compatible with Windows, Android, and ChromeOS, it offers customizable keyboard shortcuts through the Logitech Option software. Unfortunately, it is not macOS compatible, but its 10-meter signal transmission range makes it a worthy competitor to the Apple Magic Trackpad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are touchpads and trackpads the same?

Yes, touchpads and trackpads are similar in that they are flat surfaces that sense finger movements and translate them into cursor positions on the screen. Trackpads are usually smaller and commonly found in laptops, while touchpads can also be separate devices or integrated into regular keyboards.

Can you draw with a trackpad?

Generally, trackpads are not designed for high-precision drawing tasks. Their primary function is to provide smooth cursor control and navigation rather than graphic design capabilities.

Why aren’t touch mice more popular?

With the rise of touch screen technology, touchpads have taken somewhat of a backseat. Touchscreens offer seamless interaction, including scrolling, clicking, dragging, and zooming without the need for additional hardware. However, extended use on a large touch screen can be uncomfortable. That’s why touchpad devices still have their place as reliable alternatives.

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