4 cách dễ dàng kiếm thêm thu nhập từ thiết kế

Let’s explore 4 simple and effective ways to earn money with design work!

1. Write about the design

Every designer has their own unique advantages, but not all of them know how to leverage them. One smart way to share your knowledge and experience while earning extra income is to write design tutorials. Many design blogs are more than willing to pay for the products you create. In return, provide them with high-quality, step-by-step tutorials that are easy for readers to follow.

design tutorial

2. Write eBooks

Compared to writing tutorials, writing eBooks requires more time and effort in terms of content creation. eBooks typically focus on specific design issues such as website design or logo design. They are popular because designers only need to write them once and then they can use or sell them for many years. Writing a well-received eBook not only provides a significant source of passive income but also helps establish your name in the design industry.

design ebooks

3. Make a video tutorial

For designers who lack confidence in their writing skills, creating video tutorials can be an excellent alternative. Instead of explaining concepts using words, you can use clear and understandable spoken language to convey your ideas. Post how-to videos that can only be accessed by registered members to earn additional income.

video tutorial

4. Design templates

Designing and selling templates online is no longer a foreign concept for designers. Templates come in various types and cater to the needs of different clients. You can choose to create different types of templates or focus on developing ideas for your favorite one. By producing beautiful and creative templates, you will attract more customers actively seeking your services.

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design templates


Earning income from design is not exclusive to professional designers. If you have confidence in your abilities, give these methods a try. Design is not only a passion; it can also be a lucrative opportunity to make money.

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