Caravansarai is the project of Julie Upmeyer and Anne Weshinskey, who first started working together artistically when they opened Caravansarai Art Space in 2010 in Istanbul. Just as the historical caravansarais hosted camel caravans along the Silk Road, they invited creative people–with or without camels–from around the globe for collaboration, residencies, experimentation, research, and exchange.

The establishment of this space brought them into contact with people all over the globe who passed through their little oasis in Karaköy. Repeat visitors to our space and events organically became part of their project. 
Even after the closure of their space, Caravansarai continues to be made up of a free-floating, international cadre of creative souls, shrinking and expanding according to the project. For international art fairs, competitive eating contests, residency opportunities, meatball wrestling, thematic shows, street performance, or any other inspiring event, they sporadically together as the occasion merits. But always at the center are Julie and Anne, instigating wherever we go.

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© Julie Upmeyer, Anne Weshinskey 2016